Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day and we are glad that it is celebrated as it its aim is to raise awareness about proper menstrual hygiene and also break taboos. GurgaonMoms being a community of and for women has seen many discussions focussed around menstrual hygiene and a recent talked about menstrual cups. They are being termed as an eco-friendly option to tampons and pads.

So what really are menstrual cups and how different or better are they? Let’s find out

What is it?

A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped cup made from good grade chemical-free silicone or latex rubber that gives a comfortable, safe, odourless  period.It lasts for up to 12 hours a day.

How to use it?

A menstrual cup has to be folded and inserted just like a tampon before the start of your period. It doesn’t absorb your flow but collects it. It might be a little inconvenient the first few times , but once you get used it takes no time..The cup opens up and takes the support of the vagina walls.Most of the cups available are reusable. the cup has a stem at the bottom and that needs to be pulled and the seal is released by pinching the base.The cup can then be emptied and thoroughly washed and sterilized for reuse.

A lot of women are using menstrual cups and are very satisfied using them. We asked one of our community member and founder of Kol Kol Baby Carriers, Bayiravi Mani, a few questions about this product as she has been regularly using it for some time now.

GMoms: When did you switch to menstrual cups?

B: I switched post my baby , when I started getting conscious about reuse and recycle

GMoms: How long has it been?

B: I have using menstrual cups since 2. 5 years now

GMoms: Was the shift easy, did you face initial challenges  & what motivated you to shift?

B: The feeling of inserting something was the biggest challenge, but I told myself, I pushed a baby out, this is nothing..that’s how I overcame it. Reading stories about people who were using it and also the support group encouraged and motivated me to use it.

GMoms : Why in your opinion others should consider menstrual cups over sanitary pads and tampons?

B: 1. Chemical free  2.Easy to use and maintain 3.Protects our environment 4. Garbage pickers don’t have to pick up our stained pads

GMoms: What brand do you buy?

B: I have 3 brands . Shecup, Rustic Art and Moon Cup. I like Shecup and Mooncup as both are firm and the cup opens up easily inside and avoids leakage.

GMoms: How often should they be replaced?

B : Menstrual cups are very durable and can last for up to 10 years 

Menstrual cups are surely an eco-friendly ans cost effective option.However some might face the initial hiccup of insertion and also the cleaning process may appear to be bit messy .So take your call ladies as these cups are sure to stay !