The recent finger entrapment incident at a popular day-care centre in Gurgaon has shaken all the parents yet again. Child safety is imperative and as parents, it is our responsibility to be aware of the required safety checks that are an absolute requisite in any daycare centre, pre-school or a play school. We need to ensure that we ourselves check if the required measures are in place before choosing a home away from home for our kids.Mentioned is the checklist would help you zero down on your decision as child safety is a priority


  • The facility is located near your residence or workplace
  • Cleanliness and hygiene is considered as a priority at the facility
  • Adequate monitoring and equipment for vigilance like cctv cameras are in place
  • The building is in a good condition with no breakage on the roofs, walls, stairs and floors
  • All the doors and sharp corners and edges in the classrooms and washrooms are covered with door guards, corner guards and finger guards to prevent any finger entrapment injury
  • The desks, benches, and chairs do not have sharp or broken edges.
  • Pumps, drains, bore-wells and overhead tanks within the premises or near the building are covered properly.
  • Fire safety equipment like smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are in place and in required numbers
  • Medical facility is available for immediate first-aid and the centre has a tie up with the nearest hospital for any emergency situation and a doctor-on-call is available
  • The transport bus or cab (if provided) is well-maintained and is equipped with all the safety gadgets.
  • The drivers are experienced and well trained and a female attendant is available in all the cabs or buses.
  • All the teachers and the support staff are trained to handle emergency situations.
  • The meal provided to kids is nutritional and as per the child’s requirement.
  • Parent-school connectivity network is present.
  • The entire staff is aware of the no-corporal-punishment rule.
  • The environment of centre is safe and secure and regular safety audits and checks are conducted by the authorities

These are some of the basic pre-requisites that we as parents should ensure and check before selecting a day care or a pre-school for our children. It is our duty to take the decision in terms of safety of our children as we cannot be present to monitor them always. However, unfortunately at times even if the checks are in place, accidents might happen. The need of the hour is to work together to create a secure and safe environment for our children especially when they are away from home in a place which is considered as a second home.