The all new Masala Café came highly recommended. A new place in Gurgaon always garners many eyeballs and hence our Book Club decided to go there for lunch. The restaurant was teeming with groups of women. It seemed to be the hub of all kitty parties that day!

The staff was at the outset a little stubborn about increasing the number of covers at our table- a first for me! I would think they would be happy to have more people experience their food.

The colourful ambience and pop theme lends a modern look to a very vibrant space.

I wish the food would have been as inspiring.

We ordered Som tam – the raw papaya salad which has the right balance of sweet, tangy and sour.

Sadly, the rest of the food – not so much.

The pizzas looked appetizing, but they were just masaledar(abundantly spicy ) – I know a restaurant should live up to its name but not to this extent.

There was some respite with the Kung Pao Chicken- It was exactly Indian Chinese and a sure-fire crowd pleaser. I do wish however that restaurants’ wouldn’t substitute the original cashew nuts with peanuts – it kind of lowers the standards of the dish.

The Vegetable fried rice looked bland and unappealing and tasted that way too – one had to hunt for the veggie which were sparse and scattered. The rice noodles lacked flavor and were a letdown as well.

The choice of drinks was very run of the mill or incredibly sugary. I did ask for a fresh lime soda which came just before the bill! Hence, we sent it back

Masala Café service was languorous and laid back. Even the bill took eons to come.

Masala Café

Ardee Mall, Shop 3, 4th Floor, Ardee City, GurgaonTimings : 12 noon- 11 pm 
0124 2806577
+91 8527246777

Average Cost :Rs 1,600 for two people (approx.) Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any    ( Source Zomato)

Feature Image Source :Masala Cafe