To begin with a disclaimer, I ain’t no fashion guru. Like I proudly proclaim, my style mantra is usually two extremes. Either I put in the effort and look fierce like Shakira. Or you’ll find me roaming the streets of Gurgaon looking like Shikhari Shambu.

One thing being in my 30s has taught me, is that fancy colourful tight thingamajings only look good on supermodels… so whereas other such lists contain words like “LBD – Little Black Dress”, “Cheetah pants” and “spandex onesies”, here is my list for the everyday woman:

1. Shapewear -Swim suit style. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing a discovery this has been! It doesn’t matter if you’re slim or overweight, chances are that after 30, there are going to be some tires which need smoothening. While I am all for rocking that body no matter the shape, good shapewear can instantly make you look fitter. I highly recommend nude colours and swimsuit style to avoid it riding up or down.

2. Black spaghetti Camisole with an inbuilt bra padding – As mums we are constantly lifting things or frankly our kids are lifting our clothes. A well fitted padded spaghetti under transparent/ short tops can save us all from our gorgeous love handles being on display.

3. Skin colour undergarments – which woman walks past a lingerie store and doesn’t feel like purchasing all sorts of bright colourful undergarments… only to realise that outside the bedroom, they become impractical sticking out like headlights… almost 60% of clothes (especially white) look amazing with sexy skin colour undergarments.

4. That neutral coloured shrug (black, beige or grey) that can go over any skimpy outfit – that walk from the party to the parking… need I say more!


5. Black leggings – Jeans in this sultry Gurgaon weather is now passé. Leggings teamed with a flowy top… comfortable and sexy… all in one.

6. Thongs for those leggings – thongs can be super uncomfortable if you’re not used to them…. but visible panty lines over tight pants and leggings … a big thumbs down.

7. Nude colour peep toes/ pumps – everyone needs that one pair of heels which will go with every outfit. Move aside Black. Cos Nude is the new black.


8. Long sleeved black skin hugging camisole for winters – Iv found this very helpful to continue to get to wear your summer clothes in winters.. all one needs is that body hugging black warmer.

9. Period Panties – Don’t chuck out those granny panties. Cos for those few days a month, ditch the fancy underwear and have some easy breezy clothing that actually covers all lady parts.

10. Tongue Cleaner – while this isn’t an article of clothing or accessory… I strongly recommend every woman, man and child should use this… you’ll be surprised with the amount of gunk that will come out (and I’m talking about the good old fashioned metal ones. Not the back of your toothbrush kinds)

The suggestions above are just personal recommendations. May or may not work for you. Obviously with age, it’s confidence and being comfortable in your skin that does wonders.