Savya Rasa– the southern taste – they claim to take you on an epicurean journey of Southern India! When Upasana invited me for the GurgaonMoms luncheon at their newly opened restaurant at Ardee Mall- I was super excited as she promised  a beyond idli-dosa experience of South Indian food! From my visit to Kerala I have already had some exposure that South Indian food is surely more than idli and dosa- but never experienced the same here in Gurgaon. I won’t lie, I even Googled  their page and was intrigued by their claim to have researched through the seven culinary regions spread through the four southern states! So today when I reached the venue I had high expectations. And what I experienced was beyond beautiful!

To begin with the first thing that caught my attention- the décor and ambience- the intricately carved door, the simple yet classy décor that has a touch of South India at every corner! And, of course, the courteous servers dressed in traditional South Indian attire… oh and the menu framed in wood carving and the copper cutlery- so the eye for detail could be seen everywhere. While we, the excited and over-enthusiastic moms, were busy clicking pictures and meeting and greeting- the food was ready to be served! They checked with us on our food preferences and marked those who are vegetarian with a betel leaf in a glass- interesting! And our journey began!

They had specially curated a seven course menu for us- GurgaonMoms! We began with “pineapple rasam”- every spoon was bursting with flavour and a subtle punch of the spices’ use! I am allergic to pineapple and thought would just take a sip or two – but went on to finish half a bowl! Paneer ghee roast and chutney paniyaram in second course- both were too good! Paneer ghee roast was flavourful yet not overpowering with the ghee… paniyaram was really soft and chutney perfectly flavoured! Malabar urulai roast was robust Malabar flavour! While I had to stick to the vegetarian food for some reason today, but I must say I was feeling tempted with the look of the curry leave powder marinated prawns! And my friends said they were super tasty! Idiyappam idli and veg ishtew were a pleasant change after the Malabar potatoes. Bun parotta was soft and flaky with kalaan thirattal- an interesting mushroom gravy. The shortgrain rice tossed with betel leaves vetrilai pondu saadham was something very unique in taste and texture and coconut raita was so apt to go with it! The journey of flavours was quite overwhelming for me and I was actually planning to skip the dessert- especially because I am neither a halwa nor a pudding fan! But- karupatti halwa and Elaneer pudding looked too tempting to skip- and these two were actually the showstopper! In fact, we all suggested them to sell the halwa separately – it was so awesome!

Like all good things this epicurean journey of Southern India finally comes to an end for us enlightened bunch of GurgaonMoms- now we know South Indian cuisine has a wide range and many variations and is awesome if made as perfectly as Savya Rasa does. But the Savya Rasa team went further and surprised us with small parting gifts to remember the journey of flavour we had! And one special mention I cannot miss- the entire restaurant didn’t have anything made of plastic- steel straws and gifts in jute bags indicate they not only care for the culinary culture but also care for the nature! Wish them success in spreading the South Indian flavours all across NCR and beyond. And last but not the least a big thank you to team Gurgaon-Moms for introducing this beautiful restaurant to us.

Review of the Vegetarian cuisine by Shampa Moitra

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A Post Graduate in Sociology with work experience with International NGOs, Shampa started her Education venture five years ago.. running her own PreSchool and Daycare- Genius Juniors is not her profession but her passion! Developing curriculum , working closely on kids comprehensive development and grooming and counselling new parents are some of her interest areas. A mother of two preteens-her another love is art- Canvas Painting in particular.. she has done group exhibitions and participated in community art projects as well.. She enjoys the company of kids, travelling and cooking.



Savya Rasa has done it’s research with 7 cuisines of the South and is far beyond just Idli Dosa . Their most interactive feature is a live menu on their I-Pad which shows the guest how each dish is being prepared.

The Non-Vegetarians were in for a treat indeed.

Here are the details of the 7-course non-vegetarian meal

Mutton Nenjuelumbu Rasam

A broth made from mutton ribs and Chettinadu spices. Perfect cure for sore throat and cold . This was spicy and soothing

Malabar Coin Parotta with Kori Ghee Roast

Canopies with  a chicken dry preparation  served on parotta. A flaky yet soft bread made of refined flour

Karuveppilai Yeral Varuval

Prawns seasoned with homemade curry leaf powder, spices and deep fried . This is one of their signature dishes and is full of flavour. I would commend them on having the freshest seafood

Mini Meen Pollichathu

Mini fillets of seer fish marinated with tangy masala made of tomato, red chillies, onions, and tamarind. Rolled in a banana leaf and griddled on a tawa This one was the dish of the day. Marinated to perfection and each bit was bursting with flavour .

Idiyappam Idly with Eraichi Ishtew

Gently steamed fine vermicelli made from ground rice. An accompaniment for curries served with Eraichi Ishtew – Mutton cooked in coconut milk, gently flavoured with black pepper and spices  . Spice lovers may find this bland but for me it was light and a relief to the other food.

Bun Parotta with Milagu Kozhi Chettinad

A fluffy multi layered bread made with refined wheat flour, egg and butter cooked on a griddle – soul food! This parotta defies gravity and science with its light texture and uber flakiness . This is the Bun Parotta – Served with Milagu Chicken gravy flavoured with crushed black pepper, star anise, edible lichen, coconut and curry leaves.

 Thalaseery Chemmeen Biriyani with Idi Chammanthi, Dates Pickle

Prawns locally known as Chemmeen, slow cooked with short grain rice and flavourful spices. A speciality of thalassery – a place that boasts of kerala’s best biriyani. Garnished with raisins and cashew this was a mix of sweet and salty

Review of Non Vegetarian Cuisine by Upasana Mahtani Luthra 


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