Precautions for Asthma Patients this Diwali


  • Remain indoors to avoid exposure to smoke of crackers
  • Cover your face with hanky or mask while venturing out
  • Do repeated hand washing to prevent infection
  • Do Relaxed and deep breathing exercise like pranayam
  • Do steam inhalation 2 or 3 times a day to keep your mucous soft and prevent congestion
  • Continue preventive and controller inhalers therapy even if you are fine
  • Get vaccination for common cold and flu


  • Avoid crackers of any kind because smoke from any source is harmful
  • Avoid outdoor exercises
  • Avoid oily food as bloating of stomach can be a trigger
  • Keep away from dust while your house is being cleaned
  • Avoid lighting Diyas and candles inside your house to prevent indoor air pollution
  • Avoid cooking which produces a lot of smoke
General Precautions 


Action / KarmaReaction / Fruit
Stay indoorsAvoid peak pollution hours
Candles & Diyas in balcony / outdoorsAvoid self – created Indoor Pollution
Air Conditioners without much coolingFiltered / Cleaner Indoor Air

Avoid too many sweets / fried foods


Maintain a healthy balance



Do’s For those with Allergies / Sensitive Airways


Action / KarmaReaction / Fruit

Stay away from people suffering from respiratory symptoms


Avoid air borne infections
Consult your doctor for extra medications for few daysProtect your child against triggers
Consult your doctor for increase in preventersProtect your child against acute exacerbations
Minimize use of cosmeticsAvoid skin allergies
Avoid scented candles / perfumesAvoid Emergencies
Make sure you have all emergency medicationsPlan for Emergencies


This advisory is from our Health Partner Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram