Organic refers to the process of how certain foods are produced without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. In order to be termed organic, a food product must be free of any kind of artificial food additives. Vegetables, fruits, grains, meats and dairy products are the common varieties of organic food available these days.

‘Going organic’ is the new mantra and seems to be fashion. However, how many of us still have doubts regarding this? Does organic food really help? Is the organic stuff available in the market today really organic? How do we know what’s good for us and how is it that we can make the right choice of what to buy and what not to?

Well, worry no more as the Gurgaonmoms monthly meet  powered by Organic India on April 19th at V Club, Sohna Road will have all the answers for you and would clear all your doubts about ‘going organic’. The event would comprise of a panel discussion with our esteemed panelists, practical tips including a demo on urban farming. You can also shop for various organic products that would be available at the venue.

Event Agenda

10 am: Registration & Stall Visit

10.30-11 am: Panel Discussion

11-11.15 am: Q & A 

11.15 – 11.35 am: Presentation by Khetify

11.35-11.45 am: Presentation 

11.45- 12 noon: Q & A

So, wait no more and register today for the meet. We have limited early bird tickets @Rs 350, post which the ticket price would be Rs 500.

Register here :–is-it-for-real

Date: April 19th   Time :10am-12pm

Venue Partners : V Club ,Sohna Road

Registration : Compulsory








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