The shared ice-cream treat made possible with a joint contribution in coins. The cricket match that never ended because the last ball was not a conclusive no-ball. The help with school homework that saved the day. The shared secret that mom and dad never got a whiff of.

There are countless memories associated with our siblings. If given a chance to go back in time, most of us would choose to once again enjoy playful times with them. It’s a bond that is close to our hearts, even with the occasional bickering and fights. There are so many times we feel our siblings would be able to understand us in a way our parents won’t be able to.

A sibling is initially a friend. Eventually he or she also becomes a close advisor, guide and mentor. It’s a relationship grounded in shared experiences and trust. After all, there are so many things we would only trust our siblings with.

Later in life, we understand how deep of a bond we end up creating with our siblings. On growing up, there are tons of memories and lessons to look back upon.

A Speech to Remember

Take a look at this heartwarming video that shows a brother looking back at life and thanking his elder brother for a valuable lesson on his elder sibling’s wedding. The younger brother has speech impairment and the elder brother helps interprets the speech. Those watching this emotionally-stirring monologue are drawn into moments from the siblings’ childhoods.

The younger brother tells everyone how the elder brother helped him carve an independent identity. Bit by bit, the younger brother talks about everything goes into creating an emotional bond with a sibling, right from childhood. Most of us have probably experienced similar interactions and hopes during formative years. This video beautifully captures the bond between siblings and shows how the right advice can make a world of difference for someone. #AdviceThatChangedLife

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