Foxtrot is an interplay of cuisines, a dance of five senses and a symphony of perfectly curated recipes.

Nestled inside the Gurgaon’s very own Cyber Hub, the newly opened and already famous Foxtrot CyberHub flaunts its exciting interiors, lavish menu, exotic spreads and great vibes.

As you will walk in this lovely relaxed space, you will mutely witness the graceful, so vintage yet so modern décor. With the bold art from the history, the music so nostalgic and the food so innovative, Foxtrot is sure to transport you to an era that’s so uniquely foxtrotish.

As I walked in on a hot Friday afternoon, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and the incredible aromas of a deconstructed Tiramisu. Little did I know that I was in for a creative session organised especially for GurgaonMoms! This short and sweet session was conducted by Chef Aarti and we all moms loved every bit of it. Some of the moms even did hands-on plating with the same ingredients and they did it all so beautifully.

And as we settled, we were offered and asked for our choice of drinks. Must say that the staff was very attentive and quick. Looking at the list of appetisers and main course, I was sure that the vegetarian in me will not be spared and I will equally be spoilt for a choice.

The spread was so lavish that I have kind of missed the sequence but the first dish that stole my heart and as I am writing about it, I can literally recall the crunch and gooeyness of Kathal Tacos. Although my meat lover friends were equally amused with ChickenTacos, I had my big satisfying share to enjoy it with it Passion fruit drink. It was more of a sorbet and little sips were just enough to give that perfect punch.

Then came the show stopper, The Goa Shack Prawns. Being a vegetarian I had no intentions to dig into it, but what a sheer beauty it was. Loved the plating of the dish. I would rate it 11/10. Have a look at the lovely pictures shared by GurgaonMoms. You just can’t escape ordering this dish if you love seafood.

Thankfully, Ragda Aloo Chat and Kulcha Platters compensated the aromas for me and I was amazed to see how creativity the Asian cuisine can be modernised. While the textures were almost original.. soft, juicy, melting are just a few words to describe each dish. Truly authentic yet so very modern. Not to forget, the dips served were as unique as the main dish.

With main course, the love at first sight happened with the Deconstructed Dal Moradabadi. What a stunning beauty it was! A bed of perfectly cooked basmati rice topped up with dried, super spicy and crunchy moong dal and adorned with tomato, onions and caramelised onions all around. And a lentil soup to be poured all around to complement and construct the good old Dal Chawal platter, but surely in a so contemporary way. Do refer to the boomerang shot by GurgaonMoms. This dish just took my heart away. And if you are a non veg lover, let me tell you my other fellow moms couldn’t stop boasting about Smashed Galauti Biryani and Pepper Crusted Fish.

I can go on about describing each dish, but I will keep it short and would allow you to explore the menu your way.

And by the end of the meal, as we were planning our next visit, we saw three beauties already resting on our tables. Yes, Foxtrot has its sweetest dessert menu too. And as we were already done, we decided to share the portions.

The one that was polished off in seconds was Gooey Caramel Cake with Saffron Sauce followed by Mango Shrikhand and Chocolate Brownie.

Over all, a beautiful afternoon well spent with lovely Gurgaon Moms at a place so promising and so unique. Special thanks to Neha Singh Kamboj and  GurgaonMoms  for this opportunity.
Thanks to the recipe creators of this crazily innovative yet so palatable menu. Looking forward to try more dishes on my next visit

Perfect for group parties and even for casual dates, I will strongly recommend Foxtrot to all those who are in lookout for some good food, great recipes and exciting menu.

Foxtrot is an interplay of cuisines, a dance of five senses and a symphony of perfectly curated recipes. Make a visit and be mesmerised with their delectable vibes.