It is time to wake up…

I hold the paper tight…

creasing it, and gather my courage,

as I take the first step to justify

why I plan to move on

I see a thousand questions running through the minds of my listeners,

as I share my decision, each looking at me in disbelief

…had I grown horns?

Yes, it is hard today…it was hard yesterday too,

when I faced the endless waves that retreated,

each reminding me of the dreams

I had silenced through these years

I remained confined to self-imposed boundaries,

feeding fear, encouraging excuses

– a thousand reasons for ignoring the stories when I had dreamt of who I would be

It is now time…

time to step out of the shades of shadows,

that form the illusion of a protective cocoon…

to spread my wings and fly free

I may fail, I may fall…and that too hard…

Yet, I will nurture my soul I will cherish the journey,

the process of learning…

the sweat, tears, and joy…

as I pursue my dreams

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