Shweta was just two years old when her mother perceived her love for dancing. And by the age of ten, she had performed her first Arangetram. She kept on giving performances and in her first year of college had been invited to perform in from of the Prime Minister.
Her father was an IFS officer so she would hope and jump from one country to another. And this led to the advent of another passion of hers. Travel.

She loved to interact with people, write about them, learn about their cultures and share moments of her life. She had friends all over the world and would keep in touch with them through social media.
She got admission in the prestigious Columbia University for her MBA and very soon found the love of her life, Aman.
A whirlwind romance ended in matrimony but due to the wishes of the parents, they had to shift back to India.
Both Shweta and Aman balanced their relationship in a joint family but Shweta felt at times that she did not belong in this setup.
A piece was missing in the jigsaw puzzle. Always.

And to find that missing piece became the purpose of Shweta’s life.

She would try her hand at some business, learn painting, enroll for a fitness class or volunteer with her girls’ school. She would dabble with ceramics, work with Sanjeevini, the women’s help organization or attend various seminars.
The piece would fit for a while and then, the emptiness would return. Her soul searching did not dig up a permanent solution. She wanted to fit in the whole world in a bottle and to do that, the time was less. She would wander in her thoughts and that led her flitting from one branch to the other.
She tried her hand at filmmaking, then at writing and went on to learn photography.
It was as if she was trying to escape her own self in this search of finding her own self.

For what she was searching for in the various mediums outside, was not to be found there.

All of it was inside.

And then one day, she chanced upon the Zen saying,
“Sitting quietly,

Doing nothing

Spring comes


The grass grows

By itself”

And Shweta found the missing piece. There was nothing to do anymore. All she needed was to become a watcher. For we are in this human life to experience. And try as we might, we can only be at one place at a given time. And,in the metaphysical plane ,time itself is an illusion.
The pieces are already fit. There is no missing piece. We just are not aware of it.