Ever wonder what a different place the world would be if human beings only consumed what they really ‘needed’ versus what they ‘wanted’ or what defines a certain social strata of an individual……that’s right, abundance would exist as human beings would lead a much more simplified and rich life, in a healthy environment, that, doesn’t take more than what it needs, while leaving the earth’s richness to be treasured for all generations.

The Definition of a Minsumer:

A ‘minsumer’ can be defined as an individual that is a conscientious, responsible and mindful user or consumer, whose goal is purely to satisfy the individual’s minimalistic needs.

The Goal of a Minsumer:

Minsumers strive to live lightly on earth, i.e., they mindfully choose to purchase only the essentials or ‘needs’ versus satisfy their ‘wants’ which usually is an endless list, which rarely gets satisfied for more than a few minutes.

Becoming a Minsumer:

Human beings are capable of being minsumers with little to no effort, if only they tried!?! and if only human beings could adopt one thing from the animal kingdom, it should be to live by the basic principle of only taking only what they need, when they need it, in order to satisfy their needs and let the remains of their spoils be used by others that need it. However, it is easier said than done, as not all human beings lead a conscientious life and rarely make a sincere effort to save the planet and don’t take the time to be thoughtful consumers. Human beings can quickly transform themselves from being over indulgent consumers into a minsumers’ by merely:

  1. Consuming only what is needed, i.e., minimizing consumption of ‘things’, that then start to collect dust and makes their way into the ‘clutter house of fame’
  2. Understanding the impact of consumption on the environment, i.e., understanding the lifecycle of each product from initiation to disposal and its effects, for example, when you look at a sheet of paper, that’s not all that it is as ninety-five percent of what goes into making the paper comes from raw wood/trees, that the human race  sacrificed impacting the environment and its surroundings, not counting the other processing materials and time and as consumers, we rarely contemplate this enormous effort and process before we crumble and toss out a piece of paper
  3. Putting into perspective the effect of their consumption on society at large, for example, reduce wastefulness of food, clothing, etc. that could ultimately even eliminate the poor and hungry strata of society
  4. Buying less, i.e., cease impulsive purchases, check if the product will cause more harm than benefit, recycle items such as books, clothing, etc.
  5. Ensure proper disposal and recycling of items consumed, for example, ensure gadgets are properly disposed and don’t add toxins to the planet, reduce usage of plastics, glass and aluminum items and ensure they are appropriately recycled

By ignoring the above minsumer mindset, human beings are really adding to the toll the environment and all living things are currently experiencing, i.e., global warming. We essentially are committing constant little acts of “consumer disobedience” and “selfishness”.

Benefits of being a Minsumer:

The ripples of positive change start to formulate and take over the universe, as there would be less exploitation of labour, resources, energy and mindless consumption. Even the landfills would be grateful for reducing the undue taxation human beings extend on them. By becoming a minsumer, human beings would start to heal the world and improve the quality of life of all its habitants. Lastly, by limiting frivolous purchases and learning to reuse, recycle or by simply reducing mindless consumption, we allow for cleaner air, a restored and healthier fragile ecosystem and forests, prevent unfair and unsafe working conditions and live in abundance where no section of society ever has to experience a deficit. Minsumers are aware of the burden they place on landfills and the carbon footprint they leave behind. Minsumers also respect the finite resources the planet has to offer and are pioneers of social and economic change. If one thinks about it, minsumerism can easily become a form of silent activism, as even though it is a simple thought and action, the power to transform one’s life, society and planet is immeasurable and the impact is profound. Even mother earth would feel proud to have supported such a respectful human race.

Become a minsumer today and transform into the minimalistic lifestyle and save the Planet…