It had become a ritual to stop by and have my quota of coconut water from this lad.
I didn't even know his name, so that day I decided to ask his name after I finished the chilled coconut he served me….
He flashed his majestic smile and suddenly there was a regal poise in his demeanor when he uttered his name- SULTAN.

He looked my son's age so heart of heart I developed a beautiful bonding with him…I decided to buy new clothes and a big water camphor for him…as his Eid gift…but to my utter disappointment, I could not trace him ever again after that day…people told me that these kids go back to their village for Eid and come back after a month.
Unfortunately…Sultan is nowhere to be seen…and the clothes and water camper I bought for him were lying in my car still.
Today while driving back from a breakfast meeting with my dear friends….I stopped to pick up few pots for my plants…n I saw a boy almost his age..n his height n other physical features.
I rushed to my car….brought that pack and gave it to that boy….he was surprised….but visibly happy….

I didn't have the heart to stop back any more….I simply slipped into my car and drove back…..
I saw him from the rear view mirror….
The smile and bliss on his face….was my Eidi…..
The gift had reached where it had to…or perhaps where it was needed to, where it belonged to..
Lesson learned…why do we spend an entire life time to wait for that moment to come …for happiness, joy, and bliss…why do we need an occasion to celebrate life…life itself is a celebration…so enjoy every moment…gift happiness in form of gentle gestures, comforting words…gift small joys to others…especially the not -so-chosen-ones…trust me it all comes back to you wrapped in even glossier gift wrap..🙂

It's so true that….

Khushiyon ke liye…Diwali ya Eid ka intezar kyon karein…..
Zara see khushi baant ke dekho..Eid aur Diwali…
Tareekh se Pehle hi Khud Dabe paanv aa jayengi….