After you have enjoyed your Diwali with food, sweets and beverages, it is time to take stock of the your health.



Recheck your weight. This will help you identify the difference and you can restart your journey towards health. 


 Hydrate yourself. Take a lot of water, fresh lime water, clear soups after the festival as sometime you may feel bloated with all the salty and oily food that you might have taken the previous day 



Go high on fibres.  Increase fruits and vegetables in the form of salads. It will help you cleanse your system by clearing your bowel.


Reduce oil/ fat and carbohydrates significantly for the next few days or wk. This will help reduce the calories and push your weight back to your usual body weight within a week.


 Reach out to your dietician, if you have gained more than 5% of your usual body weight  during the festive season. For eg. If your usual body weight is 60 kg, you must  not gain more than 3 kg.


 Get back to your workout regime immediately. Do not postpone it for the next day/ week.



Bottom line, get back to eating healthy balanced diet containing whole grains and cereals, pulses/ legumes, low fat dairy, lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits power packed with super foods like nuts and seeds with plenty of water to enjoy a healthy life.


Content by:


Ms. Sandhya Pandey

Chief Clinical Nutritionist,

Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram

For appointment or more information, call 0124 4962200 / 7162200


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