Parenting during Corona times can be tough for some. The COVID-19 pandemic has really jolted the world and parenting during Coronavirus times is equally challenging.Some parents are managing alone with their children, or co-parenting.

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Dr Ravindran, parenting expert, education psychologist & trainer speaks on ‘Parenting during Corona times’

  1.  How to talk children about corona without scaring them ?
  2. How much should we expose our children to reality?
  3. How can parents help children get through this phase?
  4. How to remain positive and handle the uncertainty?
  5. Should I be parent or a friend to my child?
  6. Are different parenting styles of both parents an issue?
  7. How to speak with kids regarding budget and cost cutting due to the economic slowdown currently ?
  8. How should single parents handle kids especially teenagers in this situation ?

Get answers to all these very relevant and important questions plus many more in the video