Have you ever had to get ready and at the last minute you realize your bra does not match your outfit or there is a theme event invite and you realize you do not have the right bra or the right colour?
Every one of us, at one time or another, has not had that “right” piece of lingerie just when we need it
A simple list to know that there are must-haves and should have and if you find one in your size buy it store it. If you have all these items, you should be covered for any situation, so to speak. I’m not suggesting that you need to have all of them or that any brand can cover all. Also you lifestyle and outerwear can help you trim the list down
While there are many types of Bras and numerous lists I am putting down a list of most essential types that I think work for most of the Indian women of today.
I have consciously chosen the order in terms of most necessary to must have

 Everyday Basic Bras-no Qty 4-6

Every woman should have a collection of bras that she draws from for everyday wear — a week’s supply at a minimum.

To decide you daily bra you really need to try a few too. Often in my fit trials, I help ladies chose 3-4 different styles and by the end of a few wears they have often concluded what has become there no 1 go to ….

Everyday bras can be seamless, seamed, padded, wired non-wired; cotton or polyester or a combination of all. The important thing is that they support you, look good under your clothes and are comfortable.

You’re not alone if you wear the same bra a few days in a row; most of us do. However, instead of wearing the same bra for a few days, alternate two or more bras over a week.

TIP: When choosing, try to spread this basic comfy across colours allowing you to sport across an array of clothes.


A Comfy Contour or T-Shirt Bra

Contour bras have cups that maintain a breast shape whether on or off. This is achieved by having the cup or sewn to shape. Besides giving your breast a great pre-determined shape, a contour bra totally eliminates any nipple show-through (it is called “bulletproofing”). If you are modesty conscious, a contour or T-shirt bra is a great answer for you.

I remember growing up being a large cups t-shirts had become an absolute no-no for me but this bra now allows me to feel in shape in control and liberated.

Tip: I often let my strapless do the same job for me.


A Strapless Bra/Convertible bra/Multi-strap

As the name implies, this bra can we worn without straps. It has wide sides and sewn in silicone stitching to keep it in place. This bra should be worn with strapless tops, evening gowns, or outfits where a normal bra strap could show.
Most strapless bras come with removable or transparent straps or both allowing you also to convert it to halter one-way strap or strapless,

Strapless once again can be with a molded cup or just a basic tube top. I highly recommend molded for women and a basic tube for young girls or smaller breasts.’

Tip: Have one or all 3 basic colors black, white and skin. And if you must have only one go with Skin you can never go wrong with that color.


 Sports Bra

A sports bra is designed or customized keeping in mind the type of activity you choose. A sports bra comes with different training intensities low, medium and high impact. Ideally, you should have a combination of all. A high impact one is ideally the one that is a must as it will cover all the last minute needs.

This type of bra comes in handy when an outing calls for you to run

Tip: A good sports bra should ideally cover you well, hold  you tight, and let you breathe


  Sleep Comfort Night Bra

A sleep bra is meant to be born overnight to protect and support the breast during sleep. These bras are usually made from soft fibers are often seamless and without any fasteners

The biggest myth is that only pregnant women wear night bra but is a perfect easy home wear for all women and all sizes and cups. They can come with or without soft pads.

And no way is this your daily bra!

Tip: Buy one or two in basic colors and have one with light pad for modesty.


Form Enhancing Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra is designed with additional padding at the bottom portion of the cup, which lifts the breasts to give the illusion of a fuller bust-line. This type of bra comes in handy when an outfit calls for a more filled-out look.and is ideally for cups under C, the breasts that have sagged or are low set.  It is most frequently used with eveningwear. Most push-up bras come in C cups or smaller and have wide-set straps. However, there are some push-up bras that go up to DD cups and are good if you want to add that oomph to your look.

Tip: Whether you are a B cup or a DD cup a push-up bra will never let you down,  I own one in red and man do I love it.


Below is a ready reckoner should help you identify the terminology used above

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Cut and sew Moulded Cup Underwire Seamless
This is the traditional bra and for still the most woman in India it is a daily bra. The support here comes through the straps, side panels and the band underbust. This is the improvised or improved version of the cut and sews without the seam and hence the added comfort Support once again comes through the straps, side panels and the band underbust. Underwire adds support under the bust and therefore reduces stress on the shoulder straps and underbust waistband. Underwire  can be added to cut and sew or molded cup This is  the latest in innovation where a ready product comes right out of the knitting machine
MERITS Easy on the pocket. Mostly made in woven cotton hence long life Easy on the pocket. Has a much rounded and seamless look  The additional support is undoubtedly a boon for heavy or sagging breasts.  Often affordable easy to wear no fuss
DEMERITS Since it is very accommodating, for years women go not realizing the changes it does to their breasts often even breaking the tissues Since molded cups are mostly in knitted fabric life is lower than cut and sew and therefore any change in size get unnoticed as a result women keep wearing wrong size and support for years. Unlike its earlier sisters it is not accommodating and forgiving and any shift in size means you need to be refitted. Hence if you are not conscious it can dig in and make you uneasy. Since it is made out of yarn that is super stretchable its unable to give the hold a breast requires on day to day.It is better as a yoga or a night bra

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