The horrific incident at Ryan International school where a little boy was brutally murdered has shaken everyone . Sadly, this is not only incident that has happened in the past week inside school premises . A 5 year old was raped in an empty classroom by the school peon , a newly appointed dance teacher misbehaved with 9 year old student , an 8 year old was punished by the teacher and was made to use the boy's washroom because she was not wearing her school uniform . Every single day innocent children are being subjected to such horrors across the country .

As a mother of a 9 year old daughter , I would not be ashamed to admit that I'm pained and scared . Even now my hands are trembling as I write this . Safety of children at school is the the school's responsibility and the school must take all the safety measures for this. Sadly again , many  schools don't even have the basic safety measures in place . We as parents should make sure that we take this up with the respective school authorities and work together with the school and ensure that the safety measures are in place and regular checks and audits are conducted involving a parent group. 

CBSE also has taken this up seriously and issued a strong circular to all the schools regarding Safety of Children in Schools .I just hope and pray that the schools abide by this so that the schools can again be safe havens for children and no parent is scared to send their ward to school.Schools have been directed to complete the psychometric evaluation of all staff including teaching and non-teaching staff , bus drivers , conductors and sweepers.

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