As a parent we are bound to be concerned about our child’s safety, whether at home or outside. Children should be under adult supervision always and never alone. However at times it might not be possible and hence it is imperative that we educate children about the basic safety rules that they need to follow always in order to be safe especially at school.

We live in a society where there are more of nuclear families than joint families and both parents might have to step out to work. The children are without you in school or a daycare as well at home with a nanny . It becomes more critical for them to be educated about the safety rules so that they are prepared to handle any emergency situation if need arises.  If you are thinking on how to go about it then read on to find out how can you ensure that your child is safe always by teaching these very basic safety rules.

Rule #1: Know Your Name, Number & Address

This is the golden safety rule .Your child should learn your full name, contact number and address. It would be better if she knows these details of both the parents’ .Even if your kid is small, try and teach him these basic details so that it can be shared in case of any emergency .It would be an added advantage if they know the nearest landmark to their home or the route. You can also keep a tag with all the details in your child’s pocket or bag .However teach your children not to share these details with everyone but only share them in case of an emergency.

 Rule #2 Talking to Strangers is a Big No

Teach your children never ever to talk to anyone whom they do not know. Not all strangers are bad or will harm your child, but why take a chance? There are so many cases of kidnapping that are increasing by the day. Kids are lured by strangers by either a chocolate or a toy or anything tempting. Make it very clear to them that they are allowed to talk and even take anything to eat from people they don’t know. They should also be taught never to go anywhere with such people and raise an alarm like shouting or screaming loudly if someone approaches them. However, they should not scream at anyone and everyone and learn to refuse politely if the person is not a complete stranger, like maybe a friend’s relative whom your child doesn’t know. Make it your child’s habit so that she would be safe when you are not around to monitor.

 Rule #3 Good Touch & Bad Touch

A very critical safety rule.Each and every child should know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. No one should be allowed to touch your child inappropriately that can make her very uncomfortable. Again since your presence is not possible everywhere, your child should know when to raise an alarm. They need shout out loud if someone touches them wrongly. Young children are more prone to this kind of abuse, so teach them young. Don’t feel shy or embarrassed. Talk to your children about the difference between good & bad touch. There are a lot of videos available on YouTube that you can show them so that they understand the difference and know what to do if they experience this.

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Rule #4 Never climb a Wall or a Fence

Kids are adventurous and curious. Special care must be taken when they are out playing in the school or the park and also when they are home with the nanny. Tell them clearly that they are not supposed to climb any wall or a high area to fetch anything. They can call for help if required. Also when they are at home they should not go to terrace or stand in the balcony alone. Advice the nanny to keep doors to the balcony and terrace locked at all times.

Rule #5 Playing with Fire & Sharp Objects Not Allowed

Kids should be kept away from the kitchen or any source of fire and sharp objects like knives &blades. Keep match sticks, lighters, candles away from their reach. Induction cooktops are a safe option for cooking especially when kids are around. Try switching to that if possible. Your kid should know he is not allowed to play with fire at any time.

Rule #6 Your child should be aware of the School Emergency Procedures

Every school has a procedure in place to handle emergencies like earthquakes, floods, bomb-scare etc. Make sure that your child is aware of the same. Touch base with the school authorities to check if the children are trained on these procedures.

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Rule #7 Handling Emergency Situations at Home

A natural calamity can occur anytime. Earthquakes have become prone now a days and it is important to train your children on how tackle an emergency situation like when they are home with their nanny so that they don’t panic. Lay down the safety rules on what to do when there is an earthquake like move out immediately to an open area, don’t use the lift, and move under the bed or a wooden dining table if possible. Similarly in case of fire they should move out as soon as possible and call the fire brigade.

Rule #8 Safety Gear while Playing

Yes, children love to play but they also need to be taught to stay safe while playing. Safety gears should be a must when they are out too play. A proper helmet while riding a cycle, knee & elbow guards while skating or playing cricket, swimming cap, googles and floaters when in the pool are some of them. Make sure that your child knows the importance of using the same and how can they safeguard them from probable injuries

Rule #9 Never Step Out or Wander Alone

This rule again is very essential as some kids being hyper active and curious love to do things alone which includes stepping out alone. Make sure you lay this rule very assertively to your child that he/she is not supposed to go alone anywhere especially in secluded ares in school. Taking a teacher, a guardian, a help, a nanny is a must as wandering alone that cause serious trouble.

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Rule #10 If You get Lost, Do not Panic

A child may get lost when you are out shopping in the super market or mall. It is imperative to train children to handle such a situation so that they don’t panic. They should stay where they are and try and ask help from some other mom around or go to any counter and inform the personnel that they are lost. If they are aware of your contact details as mentioned in Rule# 1, they can reach you quickly.

Your children should be taught these basic safety rules but make sure it is taught in a manner which they can understand. You should not be very strict while teaching these rules to them rather make the process a fun experience so that they can enjoy while they learn as well. You may also take the help of safety videos and safety comic books that are available. Lastly create such an environment so that your child can open up to you and share everything with you. By doing this you know what is happening in your child’s life even when you are not around. It would also help you in securing your children better and keeping them safe.

“There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important than safety of all our children.”


This article earlier published on SafetyKart and due permission has been taken to share it