The process of learning in children begins right from birth. Children in nursery and kindergarten learn through all the stimuli present in their surroundings. Their brain develops and responds to opportunities given to them through different experiences, challenges and problem solving situations. Therefore providing fun learning activities can help nursery and kindergarten kids to continue learning at home. At Hp Print Learn Centre (PLC) we believe in creating meaningful opportunities for play based learning, creative expression and above all enabling quality time spent between you and your child.


Our structured 52 week curriculum based on worksheets, printable games, activities  and video tutorials ensure right opportunities are created to revisit concepts and practise what kids are learning at school and beyond. These Kindergarten and nursery worksheets as well as activities when provided at appropriate learning stages can especially prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. They can also reinforce LKG Math and LKG English concepts that play a key role in foundational literacy and math.

Fun Learning Activities:

  • Let’s Move those Muscles-

Nursery and kindergarten kids almost have a compulsive need to move, therefore creating opportunities for them to run, jump and hop through safe and age-appropriate activities ensures that children are not only having fun but also are learning. You could team this up with an HP Print Learn Centre LKG Math. Cut the net of this action cube, make it into a dice and use this with number cards. Now children will not only have fun moving but also demonstrate an understanding of quantity. This action dice activity can also serve as an LKG English activity as children learn action words. You could add preposition tasks to this activity for example clap under the table, twist in front of the chair etc.


Nursery Worksheets

Nursery Worksheets


  • Ramp and Tube it Up-

It’s always a good idea to team toys that children have with scrap, or household items. This not only ignites a child’s imagination but also makes available opportunities to learn and explore concepts that may have been missed otherwise. For example you could team up play cars with empty tissue rolls and cardboard planks. These could serve as ramps and children could explore concepts of force, motion and velocity. Pair this up with another HP Print Learn Centre worksheet for nursery where children can associate the numerals with quantities as well as exercise their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting. This same concept is explored through other LKG Maths worksheets that can be downloaded from the Hp PLC platform.




  • Sensory Play

Sensory play is any type of play that involves the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. You could engage your child with easy to create sensorial experiences with things at home be it a water play tub, a plate of jelly, aqua beads, ice along with your child’s toys like animals, dolls or cars. Sensory play stimulates exploration and is a building block for science and investigation. Having a vocabulary to talk about these sensorial experiences is extremely important as well. Here is a glimpse of another LKG English worksheet. It can be used in a number of ways to reinforce concepts. Children can build on their prior knowledge and form sentences to better showcase their understanding. They can also extend their knowledge by identifying other objects that can be described using the same words. This LKG English Worksheet therefore also motivates children to think out of the box and increase focus.


Letter sort with sticky notes

For this fun learning activity write letters on sticky notes or small pieces of paper and place them all over your living room or any open area. This activity can have a lot of variations all related to matching and sorting. You could ask you child to sort the letters by lowercase, uppercase, match lower case and upper case letters, your child could also find the letters in their name. Pair this activity with Nursery worksheets like this one. This is a simple yet fun way to practice the identification and matching of lowercase letters. Since LKG English learning goals require children to have alphabet knowledge ensuring children are given enough reinforcement of the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds in important at the nursery levet.


Children learn the best when there is a blend of practical application and repetition, as it helps them in retaining the information for a longer time. These fun learning activities are best explored when teamed up with these Nursery worksheets and kindergarten worksheets. The activity worksheets for LKG cover a host of subjects like LKG science, LKG Maths, LKG English as well as content for the Nursery years in to form of Nursery worksheets


At PLC, we are cognisant of developmentally sound learning journeys children go through and therefore follow an innovative LAR approach (Learn Apply Resolve) that helps develop critical skills in children. First, the children “Learn” skills they then “Apply” them in real life and finally parents step in to help “Resolve” common doubts and roadblocks with the help of our insightful tips & techniques. Age appropriate worksheets are a fantastic tool to reinforce concepts that kids learn and explore.