Heartfelt congratulations, Mommy, on this special occasion of your daughter’s menarche! It marks a beautiful transition, and here’s to embracing the journey of womanhood together!

 Menarche, a significant milestone in a girl’s life, marks the onset of menstruation. As parents and caregivers, it is crucial to provide the necessary guidance and support to help our young girls navigate this natural and normal part of their development.

I remember when I hit my 1st periods, Mom & Dad distributed laddoos! Yes, this should be celebrated like any other milestone! Consider a ritual at home which can help create a positive association with menstruation and foster a sense of pride in their development.

First period

Emphasize that menstruation is a natural and normal part of life. It’s essential to promote open discussions about periods at home between parents and their children including male siblings. When my daughter turned 10, her father and I shared age-appropriate information about menstruation, aiming to establish a healthy understanding of this bodily function. This proactive approach helps the transition to womanhood be more seamless, preventing any surprise when it eventually occurs. Expect numerous seemingly trivial questions from the child, and respond with a smile?. Encourage her to express her thoughts and feelings, nurturing a sense of comfort and trust in these discussions.

Ensure your daughter is prepared in advance with the necessary supplies! Given that everybody is unique, there are numerous brands both online and, in the market, offering comfortable pads. Consider options like Whisper Ultra (green for light flow and purple for heavy flow), Nua, and Sofy for beginners. Additionally, explore beginner-friendly undergarments such as Carmesi and M&S specifically designed for this time. It may take a few trials, but finding the one that suits your child best won’t take much time.

Gynaecologists recommend pads for beginners, unlike tampons or menstrual cups, which can be introduced at a later age. Initially, demonstrate how to use pads and then supervise as she practices. Learning may take time, so remain patient throughout the process. Encourage changing pads every 2-3 hours to instil a new habit, considering this is a novel experience for her. Stress the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and reassure her that staining clothes or bed linen is normal and happens to everyone. Have a supportive pep talk with your child, as she may need it during this adjustment period!

  • Create a separate pouch for school with her favourite colour or design, including at least 2 pads, wet tissues, and small disposable bags. Replenish it daily and keep it in her bag permanently.
  • Consider using an extra layer of cycling shorts or similar panties of brands like Jockey, M&S are available, especially during school hours.
  • Take her class teacher into confidence for the initial days and months and if your kid can have her bestie to help and be there (trust me it makes things much easier and make a difference!
  • Teach your girl discreet ways to dispose of used sanitary products, whether at home or outside, ensuring she feels confident in managing her hygiene.
  • Download a period tracker on her laptop or your phone. Encourage her to manage and update it monthly, turning it into an enjoyable routine. Period Tracker Period Calendar app, Flo Period App are common ones.
  • Ensure a good iron and protein-rich diet to support her overall well-being.
  • Include physical activities as well. Consider excusing your child from PE classes at school during her initial menstrual cycles to prevent any discomfort. Remember to make a note in her Almanac for reference.

first period

Additionally, but of equal importance pamper your princess with lots of love and care. Kids may become clingy at times and need extra attention during this period of adjustment. Dine together, play together and have fun together ?

Womanhood is a journey, Menstruation! Its normal! Just as our moms have embraced it, we navigate this journey and when it’s time to include our daughters be a part of it and tag along, let’s wholeheartedly welcome Menarche in their life with gratitude and with mindful awareness of the significance it holds in their personal growth and development & be a strong support!

Cheers to womanhood ladies! and best wishes!