Philips Event- Lalit Intercontinental Feb 25’ 2015 #PureAirLovers

Air; without it we cannot live longer than 3 minutes (I would not dare to go that far to confirm this). Luckily I got to know a little more about air and the breath we take when I got to attend the Bloggers Meet organized by Philips at The Lalit Intercontinental New Delhi. I was luckier that I represented GurgaonMoms there.

All the way from Gurgaon to the destination in the 1.5 hours of my journey, I rehearsed on what I knew about pollution so that I am not looking and sounding too perplexed. I also rehearsed a small speech on my views on pollution. However, a whole new concept awaited me at the venue…

The evening started with some yoga involving breathing exercises and correct breathing techniques. Hate to admit I was doing it wrong all the time. Just a refresher for those of you who are doing it right; when we inhale our body should bloat and when exhale then it should shrink. For some reason I always did the opposite, even during the session! After this session on importance of breathing and fresh air for our body, the event took off…

When we think of”Air pollution”, the images that run through our mind are factories with chimneys throwing black clouds of dusty smoke, non-serviced vehicles emitting smoke on roads, unruly and unmindful smokers puffing away in public places, possibly some pollen in spring…Home is where we get some fresh air; we even open our balcony doors to allow that quite little breeze to freshen up our spirits. Imagine my surprise when I got to know of two key things from Ms. Jayati Singh (Business Head and Director Marketing- Air Philips Consumer India Limited):

Ms. Jayati Singh

  • We share our home with a variety of air pollutants including: bacteria, fungi and viruses, dust mites and pollen. And if you have a pet, please add pet hair to that long list.

  • To top it; indoor air is 10-30 times more polluted than outdoor air! Because indoor air is outdoor air plus the pollutants which are developed indoors.

Speaking on the occasion, Department of Respirator Medicine, Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi said “It is imperative to control air quality indoors to help improve the lives of our loved ones, especially those with allergies, skin diseases, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

We only eat about 2 Kgs of food and care to wash and disinfect it. But we breathe around 14 Kgs of air and do not know about its quality at all.


Now that made me aware for sure of the danger that lurks in the abode we trust heaven like.


A fun way was designed to introduce us to common air pollutants indoors; treasure hunt. Divided into two teams we were given clues and had to find the hidden pollutants at the venue. Shockingly we realized that the humble nail paint and deodorants are as harmful as are paints containing formaldehyde and other deadly chemicals. The stuffed toys and pets that are closer to our children are home to dust mites and fleas. The fumes from cooking oil and cigarette are no fewer contributors to the poor air quality indoors

Range of Philips products


Philips has invented a revolutionary product (Philips Air Purifier) that ensures that we stay healthy and that our loved ones are safe from all air borne diseases, when indoors. The combined, indoor polluted air and the air coming from outside is filtered and released back into the room. We had a demo of the product and could not help getting impressed with the efficiency and the stylish look of the product.

We spend 85% of our daily time indoors. Yet we pay very little attention to the air we breathe. A lot of respiratory illnesses and chronic diseases can be avoided by purifying the air indoor. The product is cost effective and uses very little electricity, somewhat in the range of our humble light bulb. It has auto on/off feature to ensure that you don’t have to bother to control it manually. It comes equipped with indicators that change color depending on the quality of air. The range of products is completely Ozone free and use only natural process of filtration to cleanse the air.

For full details of the product please visit:

Everyone at the event tweeted away with #PureAirLovers hashtag exchanging information and product features. You can look up all the titbits by searching for this hashtag.

The Dinner at the end; was a fabulous continental spread and I had a great time relishing the special dessert “Date Pudding”. It was a delight to meet fellow bloggers and we exchanged notes. Thank you Neela and Subha for giving me this opportunity; I had a really great time.

Can you share your ideas of reducing indoor air pollution? What would you do? Vacuum away or open you balcony doors less? Quit smoking (well that would be nice in many ways) or smoke outside (don’t try in public areas it is an offence); better quit! Would you use less oil in food as the fumes then are less or would you rely on your chimney and exhaust and service them more (well less oil is more health)?

I think combating indoor air pollution ideas themselves make us healthier!

Would you like to try out the Philips Purifier? If yes SMS ‘Pureair’ to 56363… Let me know of your options ladies, I too want to improve the air quality; at least indoors where I can contribute to it.





-Namarta Chauhan

P.S. This is a new product and I have not tried it myself. The information is as per the event attended and the opinion formed thereon.