Winter has always been a great time for outdoor photographs, with the beautiful sun and the blooming flowers. But this winter was different. I found no day when I could plan a safe outdoor session for the families…the AQI never gave us the green signal. Rarely the rains would bring some hope, but then the children were almost certainly down with a bad cough, which never seemed to go.

Indoor sessions were the obvious choice…with purifiers doing their intended bit throughout. It got me thinking about where we all have landed ourselves. Where this is going to take us and our children and the effects it has on our lives, our relationships and our living days.

To me, photographs are like silent movies…profound and rich in communication. Facial expressions and body language come together to silently convey the little story of your time together with your lil’ ones. And this is going to be quite a challenge in the times to come.

I wanted to use photographs to bring out the issue at hand. Have been working on capturing frames of what photographs of special moments would look like…some time from now. The endearing smiles that make the photographs special will no longer be captured. Infact, the smile between relationships will no longer be visible.

Hey Mama. How was your day?

Can’t really find out from what you say.

Your eyes sometimes lighten up,

Sometimes they are grey.

Hey Mama, What have I done?

To have made you so sad

Please forgive me,

If I have been bad.

Remove that black thing covering your face,

Let me see your smile, that reminds me of Gods grace

-Rhea Sodhi

(Written by my daughter for this picture)

Hey my little one, yet to be born

Soon it’ll get brighter, I’ll be able to hold you tighter.

Hey little me, you are my joy

You are so very dear, yet you look at me with eyes full of fear.

Forgive me for having ruining this world for you

I’ll try my best to keep you safe from all the flu,

I’ll try my best to make it better,

Like in the books, where the skies were bluer

When I could hold you both close to my heart,

without a thing to worry about, the thought of our lives falling apart.

  • Rhea Sodhi

(Written by my daughter for this picture)

Each time I look at these photos, a chill runs down my spine. This is my own little bit towards driving awareness around the issue of air quality.

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