My phone’s message announced the receipt of the link to a live video demo for the new V11 by a certified Dyson Representative. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; my housekeeper was just drying her hands after finishing the sweeping and swabbing of the entire house – with a smug look I was ready to prove to my husband that his decision to go all high-tech in my house was unwarranted. I sat myself down for a demo session – let the magic begin. 

The gentleman was at his professional best from the moment go. He patiently opened a sleek carry bag and revealed the “Wand of Wonder.” The word “cord free” definitely piqued my interest. Not having to navigate and jump ropes over the wires plugged in while vacuuming each room was definitely “a step” in the right direction.

A slide here, a glide there with the brush bar spinning calmly at 60 times a second and suddenly I see the dust box sucking up tiny whirls of dust. Sneakily, I justified that cleaning behind the bed on a daily basis was never possible. Calmly, Mr. Dyson (he had my complete attention and respect now!) explained that the maneuverability of the product and its attachments makes every nook and cranny easily accessible. No huffing and puffing to be done by me – all will be taken care of by the powerful 185AW of my (so quick to stake claim!!) Dyson V11 Absolute.

The litmus test came to fore when he approached the mattress of a recently made and tucked bed. Gliding the wand with yet another attachment had the dust box show an accumulation of white dust. He explained that this was all human and pet skin flakes that had collected in the grooves of the mattresses and the sofas, etc. These were smoothly suctioned out by the machine within a mere 2-4 minutes of its total 60 minute running capacity. To learn that the V11 can capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns definitely made a huge impression on me.

A hygienically clean children’s room is a definite way to win a mom’s approval. The cherry on the top was the obvious explanation of how the machine actually worked as a mini air-purifier. Suction in the dirt and grime, allow the six stage filtration process to work, and lo behold, the muck remains in the dust box and fresh, clean air dissipates back into the room!

While mulling over the decision to purchase the product, we noticed our 12 & 16 year olds getting all excited whilst in Demo mode. At a mere 2.97kg weight, the machine seemed easy to operate for them. They immediately divided the cleaning chores basis the attachments that caught their respective fancies and solemnly committed to use the machine daily, basis that! Promises to shine the groves of the balcony sliding doors and dust between their toys on the shelves without having to pull everything down began to pour in.

Cleaning the dirt box with a mere flick of the wrist and disposing off of the collected dirt with no physical contact is the star feature of it all.

As a matter of fact, one week later, they were the self-appointed Junior Dyson Champs who eagerly provided a detailed demonstration to our Housekeeper on the benefits of all the attachments. Truly, with all the dust and dirt ensconced in the dirt box, the chore of dusting over shelves and counter tops has also been cut down by half.

Whether wooden flooring or marble; carpets, sofas and curtains, the Wand of Dyson weaves its magic all over the house. In the current situation of Covid19, having a Dyson in the home has been a boon. Self-sufficient and no compromises on the quality of cleaning – I am so glad I introduced the Dyson to my husband and my home.

PS. To maintain peace in the house it is imperative to close this post with staking full claim to the brilliant idea of bringing the Dyson V11 home!!!

This article is by Priya Chadha

A mother to 2 young lads, an ex-hotelier, an avid writer, Priya Chadha is a power-packed lady who wears several crowns with absolute ease. Her love for writing is evident from the plethora of articles she has written covering a vast spectrum. Her style of writing is conversational; drawing on real life experiences and peppered with emotions.
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