I’ve had a couple of divine meals at the brand new relocated GreenR Cafe in Gurgaon (at erstwhile 32nd milestone). I loved the ambience, the messaging, the food, the affordable pricing and the whole experience.

As you walk up you see these lovely standees with veg friendly messages. The ambience is an eclectic, modern, quirky, homely, warehouse type look which made me feel at home.

I loved the eco-friendly choices of water poured from glass bottles, cloth coasters and paper straws. The bill came to us in lovely books which I wished I had time to read right there!

Dish after dish was a delight, perfectly flavoured and balanced and beautifully presented. They were happy to “veganize” dishes that had dairy. My favourites were the baked sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce, jackfruit wraps (sans cheese), amaranth balls in green salad and the chocolate ganache. I wish I had taken my spare stomach to taste more!!

But the good news is they are very close to me and anyone who wants to go out with me will have to meet me there as I need to try EVERYTHING on the menu. ??