Christmas was around the corner and Mrs. Rita Lobo was busy working in the kitchen. She was famous for her plum cakes and there were advance bookings always during this festive season. She had hired Susan to assist her and was extremely happy with her working style. It had proven to be a good decision after all. Mrs. Lobo was nearing seventy and it was getting difficult to manage so much as she had also been diagnosed with arthritis.

Her fingers would get stiff with all the mixing and she had already starting thinking that this would probably be the last Christmas before she finally would call it quits. She was tired of running the show single handedly for the past twenty years. It had been a good life and God had treated her well. Her quaint little house on the outskirts of Goa was sufficient for her needs. It was also a labour of love.
She had never married as the love of her life, Shane had passed away ever so suddenly. He had been only twenty eight and she had been twenty one. It had taken her a long time to accept this and as a part of her healing, she had started taking baking classes from his mother, Mrs. Amos. Over the years, the two had bonded together like a mother-daughter duo and people often mistook them for being so.
This grief brought them together and their foundation, “The Shane Bakery” was the outcome. Mrs. Amos worked with Mrs. Lobo for a good thirty years till she bid adieu, passing the reins over to her. Shane was a part of both of them and Rita took over his middle name, Lobo so that he could remain a part of her forever. This life was a celebration of the love that both the women shared with Shane and he lived forever. 
Isn’t love really enough if we choose it? Aren’t the rules made for us and not vice versa? We are actually one, striving towards a common goal. What is Christmas, if not to work towards spreading the joy and the happiness without having to wonder about the tags that relationships come with. 
Me and You
You and Me
Are bound only
By the connect
Of the soul
And the heart beats
In love


Feature Image Source:Photo by on Unsplash