I recently attended the book launch of ‘N for Nourish’ authored by Ms. Pooja Makhija which was organised by GurgaonMoms and held at ‘Greenr’ Café on the 29th November. The ambience of the café was very cute and homey. I loved the lighting and the use of plants at Greenr cafe! There were beautiful paintings on the wall that added to the good vibe. There was a staircase that lead to a lounge with a bookshelf full of books which made it a great place for a book launch!


n for nourish

At this book launch I met the amazing person who has authored the book ‘N For Nourish’, Ms Pooja Makhija. Her interaction with the audience kept them completely engaged and also provided them with valuable information. The author was very humble despite being a famous celebrity nutritionist who has written 3 books (eat.delete, eat.delete.junior and N FOR NOURISH). I wasn’t expecting the event to be so interesting but because Ms. Pooja was exceptionally informative and entertaining she brought an extremely joyous vibe to the event.

Ms. Pooja had a very happy demeanour and always had a delightful smile on her face. She also came across as a very honest and candid person. Her kindness and pleasing personality made her very approachable & comforting. This perhaps is the secret of the trust she enjoys with her celebrity clients.

N for nourish


I read Ms Pooja’s book and found it to be extraordinarily interactive. Being a child I really enjoyed reading her manuscript and it was exceptionally eye catching. The pictures in the book drew me towards it. It was definitely worth reading. This book kept me absolutely hooked.

Before you read Ms Pooja’s book you should keep this caution in mind: do not read her book on an empty stomach!!!!!!!

In her book she has used the three parts of rhetoric: ETHOS, PATHOS AND LOGOS which has made her manuscript an immensely persuasive piece.

For those of you who do not know what ethos, pathos and logos is:

ETHOS means ethics

LOGOS means logic and facts

PATHOS means emotions

n for nourish

And these are all part of rhetoric which was Aristotle’s answer to getting what you want by using just your words, and well Pooja Makhija used that not only in her book N For Nourish, but also while speaking during her interview with Ms Deeba Rajpal.

Her book was tremendously practical, useful and informative. It was very interactive with lots of illustrations which made it easier to read and understand. It also had activities in it like circle the fatty foods or question and answers, which makes it ideal for children and even catches the attention of kids with a low attention span.

The book is very personalised and answers all the questions you can have about food nutrition (sorry!!!!! Ms Pooja taught me that all nourishment is food but all food is not nourishment – read her book to find out more). It tells you which foods nourish you and which don’t. It also mentions how to read food labels which isn’t something every book tells you, and this is something that attracted me to the book. Moreover, Ms. Pooja’s book is the answer to all your questions about nutrition. Overall I loved her book and genuinely recommend it to you.


Pictures Credit : Savneet Kaur Photography