The only thing I like about winters is that I don’t have to wear a bra under thick jackets and sweaters. So on one such winter morning, I wore a thick jacket and went to drop my son off at school, of course without ‘you know what’
The weather was gloomy, there was no Sun and it looked as if it is going to rain. Just then, at the school gate, I bumped into a friend who was dropping her child too. 
She insisted that I come to her house and have ‘chai’ and ‘pakoras’ with her. The offer was too irresistible for me to decline and I happily agreed. 
She had beautifully done up home and the moment I entered, I started feeling warm. The feeling was great until I started feeling uncomfortable. 
She told me that it was a centrally heated home and I needn’t wear a jacket. I started sweating and on top of that, hot chai with spicy pakoras teleported me on top of a sand dune, on a hot summer day. 
She insisted I take off my jacket and get comfortable. I eventually had to tell her to turn down the hearing. 
We couldn’t stop laughing till the end of our little tea party!
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