Dr. Parul Maheshwari Sharma of Max Hospital alerts "Friends,Dengue outbreak is at peak like every year,post monsoon.Hospitals r overflowing with no bed availability. PREVENTION,sp for our children: *Empty stagnant water at home.*To prevent mosquito bites,wear long pants and long sleeves.*Use mosquito repellent cream,patch or sprays * Limit exposure by staying indoors two hours after sunrise and before sunset-high incidence time for aedes mosquito bite"

Another mom was kind enough to share the following symptoms and alert other moms "Thought will post…my daughter had 104 fever for the first two days, no fever for the next two days and then fluctuated between no fever and barely 99. No other symptoms… no rash, no spots, no vomitting, no body ache, no weakness …nothing. Even with no fever just as a precaution got her tested on the 6th day and she has tested positive for Dengue. So mums in this season don't take "barely any fever" lightly."


Papaya juice is believed to be very effective in bringing up the platelet count. However there is no medical proof to suuport this belief. Please find below the method to prepare Papaya Juice

Aparna Kunal Jain shared a herbal medicinal remedy [*not doctor’s recommendation] for Dengue which someone tried personally and found effective.

1. Get “Galoi” plant from a nursery – break its stem into small pieces. Also, cut some leaves from the plant

2. Mix them with Papaya and Tulsi leaves

3. Boil all this in water till the time the solution remains 1/4th of the original amount

4. Mix it with a little honey and keep giving it to the patient every 2-3 hrs (atleast 4-5 tbsp each time)

This solution doesn’t let the platelet count go down. This may or may not work for others, but no harm trying since there's no medicine available for Dengue.

Uniform Advice: A lot of fluids throughout the day juices, buttermilk, coconut water, water and juice of papaya leaves helps. Pls keep a regular watch on the blood cell count by regular blood tests done .