My Saturday brunches used to be something to look forward to all week. However hectic the work week was, Saturday was for friends, when I would get up late in the morning, dress up in my latest buy, and reach flavors, or even T.G.I.F. at times to start our spirited three hour tradition of trashing people amidst food, tears, and laughter. I had forgotten all about it after marriage (obviously) but a few days back I reunited with one of my favorite gals who had just shifted back to Gurgaon from New Jersey and was missing her gang of girls and more specifically her Saturday outing. She was actually in tears while talking about it. I was starting to snigger at the ridiculous thought of getting out of the house on a Saturday. Saturdays are the days when the hubby is at home and there is no school for your child and the cook comes late and the weekly visit of the gardener, car cleaner happens! In short, Saturdays are extremely hectic and I was just giving her an earful about all this when I had a flashback. Those carefree days of killing time, moving from one café to another, or just loitering in the mall, checking out people, and forgetting life’s all stupid worries, I got teary eyed too.




There is a reason why the Nielsen report, "Women of Tomorrow," found Indian women to be the most stressed in twenty-one nations. As the lady of the house, we do so much and have so much responsibility, sometimes getting complimented for our hard-work but mostly taken for granted by our near and dear ones. So many of us sacrifice our profession for our family and strive to become the perfect housewife after a lifetime of being a career woman. It’s not easy to quit your work and not miss that life. It’s not easy to be a housewife 24/7. And it’s definitely not easy to be a mom non-stop. This is why I am advising you to go for that Saturday break. It’s time to get away from your house, leave the stress for three precious hours and land your bum on a cushy chair and wail your heart out to your friends and attain peace. Nothing soothes the nerves more than a good bitchy session with your best buddies. I have been doing it once a month and it really relaxes me, spirits or not. So these days I am pre-planning my Saturdays, a week in advance and getting out too. And believe me you, my sudden disappearance has brought my hubby and two-year old closer now (they play ‘ball’ and paint and read stories together).


So make a plan and get out. If not for brunch, just meet for coffee but take out some time for yourself to unwind. To smile a little and cry a little, to just be you a little.