Truth foundation is dedicated in spreading awareness about creativity, design and storytelling in schools, organizations and academia at large.

Hence, Truth foundation and Magnivow Experiences brought together a Design festival – The FIRST ever Fire and Wheel Design festival for children in the age group of 12 -18 years in Gurgaon. This inter-school competition came to a grand finale on 30th November 2013.

Schools like Pathways , Manav Rachna, Ryan International, Lions Public School, Excelsior American, Lotus Valley, Ridge Valley, Kunsskapskalon and a few progressive ones  participated in this maiden initiative.

We are glad to share the expanse of the Fire & Wheel Design Festival with you:

–        10 Participating schools.

–        350 kids appeared for the Creative Assessment Test

–        115 kids selected for the Design Thinking Workshop

–        74 finalists emerged, who were mentored over 3 weekends

–        56 kids displayed their projects at the Finale.

–        8 winners emerged, who are as follows: 

School Trophy

Lions Public School

Junior Category

1st position – Isal Shukla, Grade 7 – Pathways World School

2nd position – Anveshak Parashar, Grade 8– Lions Public School

3rd position – Dhruv Wadhwa, Grade 6 – Manav Rachna International School

Senior Category

1st position – Naihan Nath, Grade 11 – Pathways World School

2nd position – Ashutosh Pal, Grade 10– Lions Public School

3rd position – Tanushree Kedia, Grade 10– Pathways World School

Popular Choice

Umber Raina, Grade 7 – Ridge Valley School

Jury’s choice

Aryaman, Grade 6 – Excelsior American School

The Competition was conducted in a three phase manner:

1) Introduction session and Creative Assessment Test– The kids had to undertake an MCQ test, which psychometrically tested their right and left brain activities, hence giving an idea of their creative inclination.

2) Design Thinking and Mentoring workshops– These were held all through end of October and November, over the weekends. The Design thinking workshops were aimed at helping the children delve deeper into their creative potential and project it in the form of visuals. Mentoring workshops were to aid and assist the kids as per their requirements to enable them to come up with an outstanding project to be displayed.

3) Finale– Was held on the 30th Of November. 56 projects were displayed, judged by an esteemed panel of judges and the deserving winners were given their share of awards and accolades.

Our esteemed panel of judges were:

1)     Mrs. Usha Narasimhan

Mrs. Usha Narasimhan is a NIFT Delhi Alumni, with post graduate degree in Masters of Fashion Technology . Currently a PhD scholar, she has been an esteemed faculty of NIFT Delhi from the past 17 years. She teaches subjects like Skill based design, Design Methods, Design Research and Design Management.

2)     Mr. Mike Knowles, Dean of Design – Sushant School of Design, Gurgaon

 FRSA, Visiting Prof University of the Arts, London

Prof Mike Knowles co-founded the In Group in 1992 for interior and furniture design market. Intrading has 3 factories, employing approximately 1600 craftsmen and women. Key to Intrading is job creation and elevation of craftsmen to a position that is self reliant, consistent and viable.

Prof. Knowles has been on the Board of Governors of The British School from 2001-2007 and is the Honorary Secretary and Head of Fellowship, Royal Society of Arts in India. He laid down the foundation for the UAL Skills Academy in Delhi and was recently conferred Visiting Professor, University of Arts, London.

He is also part of the team responsible for energising the Craft Development Institute CDI in Srinagar with a vital Craft Management course set up by director Sharique Farouki.

3)     Mr. Anthony Lopez – CEO, Lopez Design Studio

 He is a Senior Designer with more than two decades of experience in Systems design approach towards rollout design in retail and designing branded environments and experiences for work spaces. He has also been the Founder & Director of Glue Design (formerly Whisper Design)

4) Mr. Paul Sandip – Product designer & Innovation Specialist, Paul Studio, Alumnus NID, Ahmedabad, only RED DOT Design award winner from India 2007 & 2010!!

PAUL SANDIP is a Product Design alumni of NID, a graduate of Electrical Engineering and a cartoonist who re-defines everyday objects with his voluntary simplicity and eco-consciousness. He beautifully converts latent consumer needs into unique products. His strategic designs led by innovation and refined sense of style fuel growth to businesses who want to create "Iconic Best Sellers".