The joy of being a parent is unmatched by any other. I am a parent and would not trade this for anything else, not even for eternal youth.  Despite these thoughts when my child turned 3, I had sleepless nights over what will happen now. With no influential relatives, the fear of the admission process and whether or not she will make it to a ‘GOOD’ school constantly loomed over my head. 

By means of this article I wish to share my experience with all those who are going through this phase. I have a perspective from both sides. I have been a parent seeking admission for my child and by virtue of being faculty in a school I have also been a part of the admission process.

  • The system perhaps does not allow us to pick and choose but at the same time it is important to study the background and the value system of the schools that we wish our children to be part of.
  • It always helps to do some homework and research by talking to parents, students and teachers. Study the School prospectus and website in detail.  This has a two fold advantage: first, you get to know a lot about the school and second, you have greater awareness when you are posed the question, why do you wish to put your child in this school?
  • Should one get an opportunity to volunteer in the school it helps to establish a relationship and understand the system better.
  • Spending considerable amount of time filling up the admission form and truly introspecting while doing so. It is important for both parents to be equally certain about what they write and to be on the same page of the book.
  • It helps to be aware of the criteria the school follows for selection. Some schools are bound by the point system. Most good schools put up the point grid on their website. It is good to know your specific cumulated points.
  • If one does get an opportunity to face a one-on-one interaction with the admission panel it is important be clear about what one is looking for in the school and how one can collectively work with the school to create a better future for the children. It is important that both parents resonate with each other and are equally involved in the discussion by sharing their points of view with the panel.
  • Most schools today are highly appreciative of people who undertake social responsibilities related to environment, education, etc. In case one has been active in any such forum one must make a mention of the same.
  • It is better not put all eggs in one basket.   One must not restrict oneself to one school even though one may be confident about getting through. It is good to have a backup ready in case things do not work out with the desired school.

Despite all efforts made, there is a possibility that the child might not get admitted in the school one initially had set aim for. In such circumstances it helps to follow up with the school for an admission later. But for this one has to be Patient, Persuasive and Polite.

Most importantly have faith and confidence in yourself and your child. The key lies in not getting demotivated. Our children are the best no matter what and which school they go to. It is WE who are instrumental in their evolution and growth.