When right brain senses are well developed and integrated with left brain functions, tremendous abilities can manifest. Right brain games and exercises can quickly increase creativity, rapid thought processes, greater concentration and memory, musical aptitude and intuition. When the functions of the right brain are well developed and integrated with left brain functions, we find a genius mind developing.  
Right and Left Brain Functions: 
Left and Right Brain functions can be seen in the image below.
When children are exposed to right brain games like Rubik’s Cube, IQ enhancer modules and Brain exercises like solving cube blindfolded,  it stimulates and develops both right and left brain functions and hence whole brain learning taking place. It also promotes ambidexterity which is when both sides of the brain are talking to each other. 
Right and Left Brain Senses: 
Did you know we have more than five senses?  
“Albert Einstein was a right brain genius with an IQ of 160. He said, "Imagination (a right brain characteristic) is more important than knowledge." 
The left brain is linked to the "outer" senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. 
The  right brain is linked to the "inner"  senses of perfect memory, Spatial sense, creativity, computer-like math calculation, rapid language acquisition, perfect pitch (music abilities), and intuitive thought.
When these senses are developed, especially in young children, you have a potential Mozart, da Vinci or Einstein on your hands. The fact is, all successful people have one or more right brain "inner" senses well integrated with left brain "outer" functions.  
Find Your Right Brain Strengths:
Experts say that everyone has genius-like capabilities. The right brain subconscious is so fast and intuitive that it can naturally reveal the solutions to complex questions or problems before our logical, doubting left brain kicks in. We just need to get more in touch with those right brain functions.
Just imagine if your children's right brain senses were much more developed and defined? That's just what the  Right Brain games and exercises like Rubik’s cube, word games, memory games can help your children do!  
Right Brain Games and Memory development:
Through right set of brain games memory, creativity, expression and learning capacity can
improve dramatically. Some of the strongly recommended games are:
1. Rubik’s Cube
2. Sudoku
3. Word games
4. Memory games
5. Spatial games