browseGurgaonmoms conversation of the month Nurseries’, preschools, schools, day cares have often been the theme of our get together conversations and there have been never ending discussions about them! Especially if one has relocated and is new to Gurgaon, this topic can get as interesting as it can get nightmarish. Making the right choice for our little one, can easily be one of the most daunting experiences for any parent. Arpana Shahi, founder of My Club Spark started a smart poll on facebook targeting parents of toddlers and getting their opinions and rankings of the best preschools in town ?

There was a total of 10 schools in Gurgaon that were listed in the poll. Interllitots Learning, Pallavan, Ole Kids and Anand were the top favorites. Also mentioned were Shri Ram Global Pre School, Pumpkin House and Pathways Early Years. At the end of the day there is no fixed answer to the question of which out of these is the best one since it has mostly to do with personal choices.

Quoting Rohini Lochan, a member of Gurgaonmoms, considerations for choosing a Preschool would be

1) Proximity

2)Hygiene and cleanliness

3)Warmth and attitude of teachers

4)Mode of curriculum

5)Class size.

Wouldn’t it be such a stress reliever to have the preschool located closer to our home? In a crisis situation or emergency the first thing that comes to mind is to get to your little one ASAP without having to spend time manoeuvring through traffic. Having your child spend his/her time away from you in a room that is swept frequently, toys and books kept neatly and clean food provided – the best gift for any mom?! Undoubtedly while choosing a preschool, cleanliness comes top in the checklist. Teachers can literally make or break the first impressions while choosing a preschool. Having your little toddler spend time for the first time away from you and face the world on his/her own – it is a tough experience for them and us as moms, infact most of us agree that it is easier for our little one to adjust to the new routine than it is for us! In any case, there is no denying that having caring, warm and gentle teachers to take care of your precious one is such an important factor while considering a preschool.


Choosing a preschool based on the Mode of curriculum makes it more of a personal choice. Would you want to go with the Montessori way of learning, the Thematic approach or a combination – it really depends on what you feel works best for your little one. The famous and legendary Montessori mode started by an Italian educator known as Maria Montessori believes that every child is different and has a different pace for learning and development. It helps making a child independent by teaching them practical life skills for e.g.: how to dress themselves put their clothes and toys away, take an active part in household, school, the neighbourhood. The Thematic approach is essentially topic/theme based model where the child is able to develop an understanding of real world topics with the help of monthly themes. Gurgaon does boast of having a varied lot of preschools offering one or more of these modes. Class size or the popular ‘teacher/student’ ratio we all speak about is another important consideration – for preschoolers it is necessary to have a ratio which ensures a more personal attention to the child.

Wishing you all the very best to find the right school for your precious little one!