Press Release

Quintessence, by Naina Bagchi, 13

Naina Bagchi, 13 years old and an eighth Grade student of Suncity School, Gurgaon, has published her first book, Quintessence. A collection of compelling and gripping short stories, the book is a joyful narrative of the author’s youthful imagination and exuberance, and traces her evolution as a writer. Incredibly expressive and gifted with a natural flair for writing, she manages to paint vivid pictures with her words.

Naina began writing at the age of six, and over the years, has mastered the art of story telling. Each of the stories in her book are based on personal experiences. Thanks to a progressive environment at home and her school, and the opportunity to travel to many diverse places from a very young age, she has had exposure to various experiences, which she has tried to capture in her book.

Quintessence is a delightful medley of short stories, which transports the reader to an eclectic array of settings. From fast-paced city dwellings to remote hill stations to bustling airports, it brings alive a multitude of experiences.

Here is an excerpt from one of her stories: “The landscape around us was painted a deep, emerald green. Occasionally, a sliver of sunlight would pierce through the murky, overcast sky — a welcome surprise for the inhabitants of the resort, though everyone knew well enough that such pleasures were not meant to last, not in a place like this; it was commonplace for visitors to be encouraged to carry umbrellas wherever they went.”

Below is the link to her book: