Family photographs boost your child’s self-esteem and their sense of belonging to the family as their very own safe nest

Relationships are such an important part of life. In fact, they may well be the most important aspect of one’s life. In today’s time, time is always short. There is so much to do and get done, and the easiest to put aside for a while is time with our near and dear ones. After all, they will always be there…something we would want to believe but sadly may not stay as true.

This is something that drives me at work. It is the very essence I wish to capture in my frames. With every family photography portrait session I do, I strive to capture the relationship and bonds in their purest form. I truly believe, that a good family picture on the wall, is a constant reminder of how the family and those in it are important to one another. Waking up every morning to a happy family picture is surely a blessed way to start each day. It reminds us of who we are and what our family stands for before we are forced to zone out into our respective work zones.

My recent session with a beautiful mother and her two gorgeous daughters at my studio was truly an amazing one. Each of them was unique individuals and yet together they were truly one.

Yahvi, the adorable lil’ sister, always on the move and on the lookout for friends and fun at all times. Jigya, the deep thinker and grounded elder sister, always seeking time to sit alone and read peacefully. Two totally different beings. And when you get them together in one frame, even their picture sings such a beautiful song…

Beyond the giggles and the smiles, I knew their lil’ minds ran deep. I wanted to explore what was within and way beyond. They had big dreams…not spoken about yet…but yes, they knew exactly what they want from the life they will make on their own.

I have this picture on my work desk and I get strength from the power I see in their eyes…our future is surely in good hands.


When it was time for a casual fun picture of the 3 of them together, all the girls wanted was to cuddle up to Mommy. Awwww…thank God I could click this one before my heart melted through my eyes.

They continued to hug each other well past when the photograph was taken. And I soon joined them for the most beautiful huddle ever.

 It was soon time to say goodbye and I rushed back home for my special hug with my not so lil’ cubs.

As time goes on, portraits become treasures to us and as we look at them, we’re able to lose ourselves in that precise moment and bring back to life the joyous memories of the past.