Upasana Mahtani Luthra from GurgaonMoms was in conversation with Madhuri Ruia on the occasion of Iron Deficiency Day in association Tropicana India 

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Iron deficiency is a silent deficiency

  • In our fast-paced lives, we tend to neglect our iron intake – often we don’t even realise that we may be iron deficient
  • In India 55% women and 24% men suffer from iron deficiency
  • Often women don’t connect the symptoms with iron deficiency – sometimes they realise they are Iron deficient only at the time of pregnancy
  • Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, tiredness and decreased immunity – symptoms may be feeling breathless when you climb stairs, you are easily tired, or have frequent headaches, and even hair-fall
  • Adolescent girls are also susceptible to iron deficiency, and it is important to address this in their growing years – Iron intake becomes crucial as women need to make up for iron, they lose during their menstrual period
  • Our lifestyles include erratic eating habits, and this also leads to loss of iron from the body

Natural sources of iron may not be enough to fulfil the daily requirement of Iron intake

  • Vegetarian food does not offer a lot of options to provide iron
  • Bio-availability – While Spinach is considered iron rich, it is difficult for the body to absorb iron from spinach – plus how many of us will eat spinach every day?

Tropicana Essentials – IRON provides an on-the-go solution to bridge the gap in iron intake – especially for people leading a rushed lifestyle

  • Tropicana Essentials IRON is a fortified, 100% juice format – with NO ADDED SUGAR, and NO PRESERVATIVES
  • (It is a myth that juices in Tetrapacks contain preservatives – the packaging is designed to eliminate the need for preservatives)
  • Tropicana Essentials IRON is fortified with iron, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • It provides you a tasty way to get iron equivalent to having 100 gms of spinach
  • Ongoing research shows that Tropicana Essentials IRON also offers greater bio-availability than – say, spinach, because it is fortified with Vitamin A and C that help with easier absorption
  • One serve (200 mL) of Tropicana Essentials IRON contains 15% of the RDA prescribed daily requirement of iron
  • It is a fruit and vegetable juice blend including fruits that are known as a source of Vitamin C and B (B2, B3)
  • In a convenient and tasty format Tropicana Essentials IRON aims to bridge the gap in iron intake
  • Tropicana Essentials is a range of fortified juices are designed to address deficiencies that are commonly found among people in urban areas, leading rushed lifestyles
  • More than 56% of students in classes 5-12 in the National Capital Region (NCR) consume less vegetable than recommended by health professionals and just 27.2 per cent of them take fruit regularly, a study by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) shows

Over 56% of Delhi-NCR students low on daily vegetable intake: Icrier survey

The survey found that 44% of the respondents fell short of their daily recommended vegetable intake

More than 56 per cent of students in classes 5-12 in the National Capital Region (NCR) consume less vegetable than recommended by health professionals and just 27.2 per cent of them take fruit regularly, a study by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (Icrier) shows.

The study, which is on the intake of fruit, vegetables and juice by school-going children, and nutritionists and dieticians and sponsored by PepsiCo India Holdings, found the average intake of vegetables was more in students of government schools than their peers in private schools (more likely to come from more well-off families).

The study was based on a survey of 98,596 students in classes 5-12 in 90 schools (36 government and 54 private).

According to Indian dietary patterns, published by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad, every average individual should consume around 400 gm of vegetables, including 50 gm of green leafy vegetables, daily; 200 gm of roots and 50 gm of tubers, along with 100 gm of fresh fruit. The Icrier study takes these as the benchmark.

The study showed that around 34.5 per cent of the students surveyed preferred fruit for breakfast while 16.3 per cent said they had fruit as part of the evening meal.

When asked about juice intake, around 51 per cent of students said they preferred consuming juice and around 52.7 per cent of students in government schools preferred juice compare to 49.2 per cent in private schools.

In the case of nutritionists, dieticians and professionals, the survey found that 44 per cent of the respondents fell short of their daily recommended vegetable intake while 13 per cent did not consume vegetables every day and 8.5 per cent of the respondents didn’t eat fruit daily.


About Madhuri Ruia, Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Tropicana Essentials

  • An alumnus of the American Academy of Nutrition, Madhuri Ruia is a well-known Fitness, Posture, Pilates and Nutrition expert
  • A highly qualified nutritionist by profession, a winner by choice, an optimist at heart- Madhuri Ruia is a living embodiment of empowerment. Her fitness journey over the past two decades has always been underscored by an innate belief that one’s health is more valuable than one thinks
  • Her fitness journey over the past 2 decades has been imbued with a sense of purpose, and                        fulfilment

Madhuri has many firsts to her credit:

– The first nutritionist to set up a gym so results are better monitored

– Pioneered the concept of intelligent fitness so sensible results are achieved in sensible and doable time frames

– Authored the world’s first fitness novel, Who Stole My Calories