The renowned Anuja Chauhan’s book launch took place on May 19, 2017, and was organized by Gurgaon Moms. She discussed her newly published and amazingly successful book, Baaz. 

During the interview, various ideas explored in the novel were discussed, including pacifism and humanity over nationalism. Further, we learned about the contrasting ideologies of the two main characters of romantic interest – Tinka and Shaanu. Shaanu has a more shallow, live-in-the-moment, thrill-seeking personality, whereas Tinka takes a more humanitarian, pacifistic approach on life.

The author went on to share how every book she had written revolved around a prominent, female protagonist, so she decided to change things up in Baaz.

In addition, when asked about her kids’ influence on her work, Chauhan responded by explaining how in each of her books, she smuggles in numerous details inspired by her very own kids, big or small. In fact, as mentioned in the book itself, the persona and name of Shaanu was inspired by her son’s kindergarten bestie.

Moreover, she read an excerpt from the book, leaving the audience amused and eager to know more.Every sentence spoken was food for thought.

One thought, in particular, left me pondering – her take on labeling things, people, anything. She mentioned that she doesn’t like to label because when you label something, you narrow down its horizons. You limit not only itself but also make your own view or opinion of the thing minuscule and one-sided, thus often denying the ability to view it in its entity.

That day, I left Takamaka with a thought to dwell on and a book that I couldn’t wait to read. 

Pics Credit : Priti Sagar from PeggyClicks