It’s OK to talk and share about emotions , this is how we are heading towards mental peace.

Dr. Shubhy Aggarwal
(Attendee Sukoon Health Art Therapy Workshop)


The much awaited announcement about the upcoming YEAR END GURGAONMOMS GALA
Date -Saturday ,December 16th 
Time -11 AM to 3 PM
Get ready to sparkle and shine because we’re bringing you the most fabulous event to wrap up 2023 – the GurgaonMoms Year-End Gala! A day filled with glitz, entertainment, and warm-hearted generosity is waiting for you on December 16th at Fly 7. It’s going to be a day of pure elegance, laughter, and spreading love and kindness!
Event Highlights
  • Fashion Show
  • Auction for a Cause
  • Lunch, Music, and Dance


Each One Needs One

‘Sukoon’—a profound need that resonates in every heart. As we journey through life, the realization dawns that peace and tranquility are the most cherished treasures we possess, yet these treasures often dwindle in our reserves. The weight of work stress, familial challenges, academic pressures, and the emotional nuances of life, from PMS to postpartum and menopause, can cast shadows on our mental well-being. In a recent encounter, GurgaonMoms experienced an Art Therapy Session with Sukoon Health, an experience that unfolded as a truly remarkable and emotionally resonant therapy session. Let’s dive into the details.


Unveiling Resilience: A Woman’s Journey of Triumph Over Adversity

Life presents challenges; at times, we evade them, and in other instances, we counter with a resilient strength. Asha Shah navigated through the tumultuous journey of a failing marriage, consistently rebuilding herself, piece by piece.


       Upcoming GurgaonMoms Book Club Event

GurgaonMoms Book Club presents another exclusive conversation with the ‘actor’ turned ‘author’ – Samir Soni.
Come and listen in as we unravel the layers of his professional journey, explore the milestones, challenges, and pivotal moments that define his illustrious career. From his early days to the present, this conversation promises a deep dive into the insights that have propelled him to the forefront of his “Experiments with Silence”!

Date -Thursday, 14th Dec 2023
Time – 11.30am
Venue- Grand Ballroom, DLF Club 5



GurgaonMoms Book Club hosted another captivating odyssey. We had a delightful conversation with Ajay Jain, author, traveller and the founder of Kunzum Books.Ajay ‘s ability to take on complex questions on his travel, photography, writing and bookstores and convert them into relatable narratives ensured that the conversation wasn’t just informative and interesting but equally engaging

Click here to join the GurgaonMoms Book Club


The information  below may be helpful for our members who reside in Delhi – NCR

Shades of India Annual Garden sale is back from 7th to 9th December. Look forward to seeing you.
Date : 7th to 9th Dec
Time : 10am to 6pm
Venue : Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi

Start the new year by being a part of a yoga and wellness retreat curated exclusively for you by Sarvesh Shashi, the modern yogi, at Brij Bageecha, a luxury boutique resort. 

Enjoy a farm to fork dining experience, as you indulge in local delicacies made using freshly picked ingredients from the farm at Brij Bageecha. We have a wide range of activities planned out for you such as Hatha Yoga, Nada Mediation, Surya Tratak, Breath work practice, Nysa Dhyan and so much more!

Immerse yourself with yoga that enhances not just physical, but also your emotional health.
Unwind with us. For more details please connect at 8860109546 


 Community Buzz

Job Opportunities

Are you considering a job or career change? You may find the positions listed below intriguing.

Equal opportunity employers can post their requirements. Please write to [email protected]


We are extremely thrilled when a member receives praise for an accomplishment because we are dedicated to creating an exceptional community.

We would like to congratulate Shagun Singh for getting featured in Gurgaon Times for her splendid work in Interior design.


We would like to congratulate Shonan Bhalla for getting featured on the homelybylbb.




The WAIT IS OVER.First look of  the Winter Workwear Collection by Pastelshades  is here

Slay at work with style in these Pashmina Outfits.

Full of comfort and style- Flaunt them at work – Slay after work hours

These AM to PM outfits are just what you need this winters .Fabric – Pashmina ,Available in all sizes from 32-54 (XS – 7XL)

Check out their live on Shopville store now !

Click Here to Shop


Kanjivaram Silk Series By Kalindi Sarees now launched on Shopville by GurgaonMoms.

These saris from south are true grandeur for the upcoming weds season. Do check out their collection 

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Melting Momentz is doing exciting diy kit for kids this Christmas, hot chocolate bombs, theme donuts, cupcakes, rum balls, spiced apple pie, boozy dessert jars and not to forget the all time favourite Christmas rum cake. Call Anubha Garg at 7507912299



ZorbaThe Cake Studio is offering a wide range of variety and plum cakes this Christmas. Do get in touch with Sheetal Agarwal at 9810486392 for queries also to have a look at the products.

Truffle Tangles by ILA is well known for its premium European style plum cakes with 20 kinds of fruits and nut in 3 kinds of liquor. Orders began early December and will be available till March.
1kg 2999
500 gms 1699
Eggless, glutenfree, non alcoholic versions available.
The Annual Christmas goodie boxes will be available around the 23rd of December priced at Rs. 3499. Bookings to open by next week.
Bookings on pre order basis on 9818227512
Baketitude is baking cakes and cookies and making  hot chocolate bombs all this while .All their bakes are eggfree and they  ship Pan  India. Soaked in old monk rum and best quality fruit and nuts,they are also are doing cookie decorating kits.
Please connect with Shalini Gupta ta 7696518800



Our #shukravaarstylemaar queens this fortnight bring us their love for sarees and how the 6-yard wonder brings pride and empowerment in their lives! 

What is your personal style? Have you found it yet? If yes, please post in our community ( on Fridays and who knows, you may be featured next



Upama Roy: Saree is rapidly catching up as the office wear for modern women. Gone are those days when we used to feel confident only in a Business Suit. Now we can proudly don a khadi saree for any formal event. Proud of our culture!
Shalu Chhabra Bindal: Wearing a saree can indeed be a transformative experience. The elegance and gracefulness of it can make a woman feel confident and beautiful.
While opportunities to wear a saree might not come often for me, when they do arise, they bring a certain sense of fulfillment and confidence to the mind and soul. Embracing the opportunity whenever it arises to me and relish in the empowering and soulful experience it brings.

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