It was a magical morning.Even though the event was on a Saturday late morning, I woke up before sunrise with sheer excitement and butterflies in my tummy! 
It was the ‘GurgaonMoms Year End Gala!’
This time it was all the more special as there was a dual purpose of bidding farewell to the year joyously and making a positive impact on our immediate society by raising for a charity. We were aiming not only to celebrate but also to contribute to the betterment of our shared surroundings. 
Whenever I have attended any GurgaonMoms event: as a member or now as a team member, the excitement and the love for this unique sisterhood community has not changed, the feelings have only become deeper and stronger. 
There is nothing more alluring than meeting members in person, and celebrating with them.The venue partner ‘FLY7’ was perfect for the occasion. 
gurgaonmoms year end gala
The team reached before time and was all smiles from ear to ear as we soaked in the vibes, reminiscent of TMAS (can’t wait for our flagship event next year!).  The stunningGurgaonMoms backdrop on top of the stage, the music, the big screens, the lighting were all breathtaking and totally got us into the ‘mood’ for the Gala. 
gurgaonmoms year end gala
The members started arriving soon. There were women dressed in sarees – draped in different styles, dresses, suits, denims and skirts. they all looked beautiful and unique, but there was one common trait .. their dazzling smiles! 
We had the most gripping flow of events at the Gala. We had a super interesting fashion show where selected brands showcased their creations. These brands actively bid for their coveted slots, and the proceeds from this spirited auction were dedicated to the chosen charity – NeoFusion Creative Foundation.
The models were members from all age groups and the crowd went completely crazy cheering for them.We were privileged to feature a fantastic lineup of designers at the gala:
gurgaonmoms year end gala
Wedding Soirée by Aseesha
    • Designer: Sakshi Jain
    • A diverse collection ranging from indo-western to traditional attire.


Sparkle in the Meadow by Luxé Street

    • Designer: Chanchala Batra
    • A stunning fusion of classy and smart western outfits.

gurgaonmoms year end gala

Saree Showcase by Kalindi Sarees

Shringar by Faburra
Following the captivating runway presentations, a heartwarming auction unfolded. Our SMS members generously contributed their creations for auction, with all proceeds benefiting the NeoFusion Creative Foundation
Dr. Anubhooti Rahul Bhatnagar‘s brainchild, NeoFusion Creative Foundation, has been making a significant impact since 2013 by addressing challenges faced by underprivileged students through educational workshops and summer camps. GurgaonMoms successfully raised over One Lakh Rupees for this noble foundation.
Lovely Shubhashini and the lively Mukti took the stage over and won the audience with their compèring skills!  Soon after the auction the DJ played the most exciting music and everyone took on the dance floor.
The ambience was incredible and there was magic all around. I met so many members who came for a GurgaonMoms event for the first time. After a while, it didn’t seem like as if it was their first event. They were talking, making new friends and dancing with them. That was the vibe.
There was complete acceptance of each other. There was respect for each other. No one judged.  Everyone was unique yet intertwined with each other, making the most exquisite fabric called GurgaonMoms.