A baker, photographer, traveller, Instagram influencer, and published author,  Shivesh Bhatia , at 23, is leaving his trail of sugar and flour dough
around the world and on @shivesh17 on Instagram.

This star began baking in Grade 11 and Instagramming in 2014 .His first book was published in 2018 and he has another one ready to be out in 2020 !

We were delighted to see this young man in action at DLF Cyber Hub . He made a Pecan Choco-chip bar and the yummiest Chocolate brownies ever.

Here is Upasana’s ( Director PR & Events :GurgaonMoms) interview with him


Upasana : Who inspired you to cook/bake /enter the kitchen?

Shivesh: I was studying in high school and was in Class 11 ,my Nani inspired me to bake.My Nani & my  mom both used to bake. I used to sit on the kitchen counter and watch them, I was very intrigued .I was fascinated by the entire process.

I was with my cousins and remembering Nani’s chocolate cake and we got Betty Crocker’s ready mix and frosting and yet ended up burning the entire batch.

U: Does your Mom ever give you baking advice?

S: My Mom gives me advice on everything. I always look upto her for feedback on recipes,she will tell me if anything is too sweet. She is the second half of Bake with Shivesh .My mom’s baking style is entirely different from mine. Her cake is the fluffiest,softest cakes ever. I am very precise in my style of cooking

U: What’s the sweetest thing anyone has done for you ?

S: This year has been wonderful. I have done over ten workshops across the country. Everyone has been so receptive and kind and loving.I love receiving letters and comments. People bring their cakes and want feedback. In Kolkata someone made a portrait of me.

U: What kind of tips would you give Moms?

S: My biggest tip would be .Try and encourage homemade food. Get your kids involved on cooking. I have kids interning with me who know exactly what they want .That kind of interest needs to be developed at home. Cooking is such an important life skill as well – to be able to cook for yourself. I know all the moms love feeding their children but try and get them to cook and bake with you. Even if it’s one day of the week- a Sunday. Take them to workshops like this

U : What is the weirdest Ingredient you have cooked with

S: In fact I just did a mystery shopping bag challenge with me. I had Zucchini and tofu and had to incorporate them in a dessert. So I did a Vegan Zucchini chocolate cake with a tofu frosting .

And we love carrot cake

U: What’s your worst kitchen faux pas?

S: Oh so many. When I first started baking .I was just baking one disaster after the other. With the frostings I remember for so many years I was making the most grainy flowy frostings which were absolutely disgusting. So yes lots of them. I still do mistakes in the kitchen and I still make cakes which are not that great. It’s all a part of the process .

U:How do you balance your nutrition?

S: I think it’s all about balancing. I try to go to the Gym whenever I can .But with the kind of industry I am in and travel .I was supposed to be on a diet today but when Nigella served her Chocolate tart and Pavlova… I had to taste that.

I try and workout as much as I can

U: What would be your go-to dessert for surprise guests?

S: I would do the brownies that we did today. Because they are super quick and such a crowd pleaser. Just make a big batch and spread them in a tray and pop it in and you will have something to feed everyone.

U: What’s your favourite Indian sweet?

S: I love all Indian sweets. I love Jalebi, Rasmalai ,Rasgulla.

Thank you so much Shivesh.