Helping my daughters with their assignments and presentation for World Health Day I realized that Health is one topic which I have not addressed separately in any of my articles. I decided to use this platform and occasion to understand how our building structures and their various Vaastu faults may have an adverse effect on our health. Here, we  need to realize that a regular health check up and following a good and healthy diet plan are  the most important factors which keeps our mind and body in good shape. But, at times we notice that in spite of following a healthy lifestyle there is continuous medical issue in a family. It will be a good idea for such a family to get the Vaastu and Feng-shui of the house analysed. Small changes around the house can bring big and positive results. 

East: East is a very auspicious direction and this is the direction which brings the positive energy of the Sun’s rays inside the house. This direction should be open, light and clean. Any Vaastu fault in this area will have effect on the health of the family members and especially the eldest son of the family. The element of this direction is Wood. You can activate the East of your house with greenery and water. Avoid painting this direction with colours which are in contrast to its element. Good colours for East are green, golden, yellow and sea green.

North-East: North East or the Ishaan corner of your house is most auspicious zone and is a space for your spiritual development. Any defect in this zone will lead to incurable diseases in the family. North east zone should not have a toilet, kitchen, over head tank or staircase. Reduction of NE is also a Vaastu fault which needs correction.

South West: An entry in the SW zone attracts medical expenses. Kitchen or toilet should not be located in the SW zone. There should not be any under ground water tank or a septic tank in SW .Extension or reduction of this zone is also a fault. Any of these faults will cause health issues and mental tension in the family.

South and South East: Vaastu faults of S or South East will lead to health problems to the ladies of the house.

Structural defects affects the flow of energy inside the house and any disturbance in the smooth energy flow will have a negative impact on the residents. Balance of energy is very important in maintaining harmony in our lives. Feng-Shui offers a number of tips to balance the Yin and the Yang energy around us. Listed below are few Feng Shui that helps us lead a happy and healthy life;

  • Turtle in East ensures good health and longevity.
  • Bamboo should be displayed in east for health.
  • Activate your E with mirrors, clocks and fountains.
  • While doing the interiors of your house, do not display objects in a way that it clashes with the element on that direction. For example, a water element should not be displayed in S or SE as it is the Fire zone.

Pyramids generate a force that contributes to healing. It works on all levels of human system and gives us energy to rejuvenate. It helps in relieving aches and pains and has been found very effective in diseases like insomnia, low BP etc. PyraVastu is widely used for Vaastu corrections and also healing.

Any negative energy flow in a particular zone will affect the related body part. The chart shows the different zones and the body parts associated to them.