A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.- John Saladino 

Festive season especially this year will probably mean socialising. With the advent of this season, we all want to decorate our homes. 
But decoration does not only mean adding more art pieces or clutter in your home, it can also mean clearing some space or making a corner that completely resonates with your soul. 
Here we bring to you, some sustainable and affordable solutions that can bring a festive vibe. 
My home is incomplete without greens as I am a ‘Maali’ from my heart. Earlier I used to have a lot of plants inside my home too but ever since I have kept a dog, I either put small plants on elevated spaces or in the balcony.
Entrance is the place that I feel should look attractive. I had earlier thought of keeping a fountain, but the designs available did not appeal to me. So I ended up placing a shallow round earthen pot at the enterance. I fill it up with water and place some flowers and floating candles when I have guests.
I love candles, especially scented ones. They stimulate a part of our brain which is involved in our behavioural and emotional responses, it revives our memories and emotions. So go for your favourite fragrances. 
festive ready
There are so many varieties of festive lights available. You can put them up in any corner or open spaces in your home. For me, less is more. I like open space with less clutter. Plants, candles and festive lights –  work wonders for me.
I love to add simple pop colours in my decor. A dollop of yellow or fuchsia or green and tada my space gets an instant pick up.
As a plant lover, traveler and story teller- I have always been fascinated with words so I use them extensively in my decor spaces. To me it’s a vision of how I feel about that space. You will find words in a lot of my décor. Simple words like hope and travel, faith and growth or quotes I identify with. 
I’m not a Buddhist but Buddha is a recurring persona in my decor too as I find him peaceful and calming. 
My home is messy and very boho like me. It’s not symmetrical and nothing necessarily matches. There’s a lot of mix and match and I change corners often. I like to play along with throws and cushions. No there is no interior-designed impeccably beautiful room. It’s a more lived in and thoroughly rugged and homely kindda living. We hardly entertain so our home is a personality of how we like to live and use our space. 
Lots of colours and greens bring life into my home. You will also find it evolve often- based on my moods and own internal awakening. 🙂
I love decorating my house with plants ,lights and beautiful knick knacks . Being a double parent,  I’m always on a buget , hence choose my home decor items that are affordable , are value for money and yes connect to the soul of my home.
I am ardent plant lover too and my home is filled with both indoor and outdoor greens. I usually choose plants that are easy to maintain and thrive all year around .Though I love all of them , but my favorite one is a fairy garden that I bought from one our mom-entrepreneur. It add a lot of vibrance to the room. 
My house lights up ,especially during the festive season . String lights, lamp shades , fkoor lamps , bottle lamps , you’ll find them all. Again most of them I’ve either purchased online on sale or from small vendors . Infact the bottle lamps were bought from some sellers on foot outside my daughter’s school last week .
I feel a colourful home uplifts your mood too . My walls are white , but I added colour by using vibrant furniture and furnishings . The cushion set was recently bought from Amazon , again on sale :). The newsest addition in my living room is a wall mounted  stand,bought again from one of our mom entreprenuers , customised in my favorite colour . I have added some planters ,  led usb string lights and beautiful Ganesha idol gifted my a dear friend.
Hope these home-decor ideas will help brighten and light up your homes this festive season.
Do share in the comments section on how are you decortaing your homes .
Happy Festivities !