Most Aries have prominent and defined features and are known for their fearless stance and self-belief. Possessing strong likes and dislikes, an Aries will almost always speak his mind, irrespective of the consequences.

2018 may bring some health-related troubles, particularly in the first quarter. Being lazy won’t help so better adopt an exercise regime.

This is a year when you could make some major investments since your earnings will be good.

Your passionate and extrovert nature will attract like-minded people. Those of you looking for a partner will get lucky between April and June.

Students looking to move abroad will get to study in a place of their choice. Name and fame will be yours as your social life gets abuzz with activity.

The period between Jan to March 2018, could land you in family disputes. Maintain a calm attitude. April to June, the day your dynamism will be at its peak and will attract new bonds. Professional hiccups could cause you worry better July to September. A celebration in the family is also a possibility during this period. People working for you could pose serious difficulties between Oct to Dec.

Your lucky days this year will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Taurus people are highly observant, sensitive but obstinate people. Mostly pleasant, a typical Taurean does not like to be interrupted too often and gets angry if nagged too much. They are dependable and make good listeners.

June could bring some health troubles. Financial luck favors if you indulge in speculation in 2018.

Your need for love, care and attention will make you crave for your partner’s attention. Your relationship with your cousins could improve this year.

This is not the best year from the marriage point of view. Nor is it’s a time for astounding success for those looking at public acclaim and limelight.

Jan to March 2018, your team or assistants will be non-cooperative. And so will your health be.

April to June could keep you socially engaged, enough for you to neglect your personal relationships too. July to September will see a downswing in intimate bonds, leading to a break up for some. It’s a good time to invest in a vehicle. Oct to Dec the businessmen will flourish. Farmers and medical practitioners will have a good year.

Your lucky days this year will be Wednesday and Friday.

A Gemini is known for their charming exterior and a very friendly disposition, making them seek new friendships all the time. They will ask a thousand questions over and over again until their curiosity is satisfied. However deep within no other Sun sign is as intellectually developed as is a Gemini.

Be careful during the hot months this year as serious allergies could develop. Backaches will be a common phenomenon for most Gemini’s this year.

Very proud and self-reliant, all a Gemini seeks is loyalty. They can finance themselves, now and forever. However, you must control your spending this year.

You may go out of the way to work on your physical appearance and will seek opportunities where you can chill and have fun. Committed Gemini’s will be blind to the rest of the world.

Children will be a source of joy this year. Be watchful in the month of September for there could be some ego issues with your progeny. Be careful about your belongings all through the year.

Gains from family elders are certain. Jan to March is the best period for monetary windfalls. Those involved in a traveling business will rock it. April to June will make you as fit as it gets and you will look like a different person altogether. Meeting with a celebrity will cause you to be elated and happy. July to September is rewarding emotionally and financially. The last quarter will see you dedicating more time and energy to your profession and your sincere efforts will be rewarded handsomely.

Your lucky days this year are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Not particularly watchful of what and how much they eat, most of the middle-aged Cancerians have trouble with the fat loss. Blessed with the kindest smiles, a Cancer is warm and loving but heart-wrenchingly blunt. They don’t get perturbed easily or atleast they don’t show it readily. Secretive and dreamy, a Cancer will typically internalize his pain.

March is not the best month from the health point of view and be careful while traveling. Financial matters are best left in the hands of professionals this year.

Be more proactive socially if you want to be noticed by the right people. Those of you looking for romance may find it after a long wait. The bonds with tour extended family will be much better than before.

Be careful of the company you keep or you will become a part of a controversy. If buying a piece of land is on your mind, go for it.

Jan to March will be good for developing personal relationships. Health will be on your side so celebrate all the good things coming your way. April to June will see you traveling. You will find a lot of support from your immediate circle of friends. July to September will bring the family to the fore. You will offer your love and care wherever needed. Oct to December is a good time professionally and will bring you name, fame and monetary gains.

Your lucky days this year are Thursday and Friday.

Leo’s have a beautiful mane, small lips, pronounced physical features and always look younger than their years. Their drive and passion are legendary. What they hate is being made fun of and cheating. Kind at heart, a Leo will offer help unasked. Their straightforward demeanor makes them prone to being misunderstood more than being understood.

Your stress and worry is mostly the dominant cause of all your chronic ailments. Be congenial in your close relationships and extend sensitivity as much as you expect it from others.

Though you love attention and adulation, you need to be willing to share center stage with your partner. Too much interference by the family in your personal relationship will cause you irritation.

It’s a lucky year for the Leo’s for name and fame will only increase. Jan to March will see your popularity at work increase manifold. However casual flirting with the members of the opposite sex could bring you notoriety. April to June is the time when sweet words will help you get what you want, rather than demanding it. July to September is a great time in terms of money matters. Travel is also a big possibility especially if you are planning to travel for religious reasons. October to Dec could see you investing in land or even a new business activity.

Your lucky days this year are Sunday and Wednesday.

Blessed with a lovely shy smile and almost perfect memory, most Virgos come across as stubborn and street smart. They are naturally sophisticated and pay a lot of attention to their personal grooming. A Virgo will always make a good confidante but more often than not they are taken advantage of, which makes them very angry with the world at large.

Be careful of seasonal illnesses all through the year. It’s one year where you will be not reluctant to spend heavily on friends. Avoid the urge of possible.

Love, to a Virgo, is almost equivalent to worship but the point is that they are seldom with the right mate. And when their expectations are not met, they get frustrated and go into a zone where no one is welcome.

This year domestic peace will prevail almost throughout. Be careful of accidents, major-minor notwithstanding. Jan to March will be a rewarding period. Love rules your head at the beginning of the year. Hope it’s not one-sided. April to June will be a rough time from the health point of view. Those looking for assistance will find just the right person. July to September will bring in travel opportunities and it’s your time to revel in the good things that life brings forth. Oct to December will see you seeking spiritual gains. However, this period could also land you in some kind of a controversy.

Your lucky days this year are Sunday and Wednesday.

A soft heart and a softer smile, a Libra  mostly has the best dressing sense and beautiful features. Mostly calm, unless nagged beyond a limit, Librans are tactful when faced with a confrontation. Their compliments are rare but very genuine. They could be lazy but that has no bearing on their super levels of inherent intelligence.

Avoid eating too many sweets. Just stop Librans. Skin troubles could cause you anxiety this year. It’s a good year for you to play the stock market, if keen.

You need to be more realistic in matters of the heart this year. This is not the perfect year to get into long-term commitments. Those married will share a better bond with their spouse and their family members.

Professional stress could be on account of being overworked or office politics, or both. Though there are ensuing rewards, yet the anxiety will also be a constant.

Jan to March could see some of you getting married. It’s a good window to gain popularity and social acceptance. April to June will add to your already attained fame. Go ahead and make that big purchase that you are keen on for a while. July to Sep is a good time where money and financial gains are concerned. Oct to Dec you will be invited to a lot of important parties and celebrations thus adding to your name and fame.

Your lucky days this year are Monday and Saturday.

One of the strongest Sunsigns, it’s not easy to deter a Scorpio from his path. Mostly coming across as pleasant and friendly, a Scorpio is capable of holding a grudge for the longest time. Their dynamism is unmatched truly. What they never appreciate is being cornered or bullied. What always speaks to them is anything and everything which ensures financial stability and place of power in the society.

Most Scorpios will keep their health in check on their own, through self-efforts but they don’t shy away from seeking correct and timely medical advice if required.

Their personal life may have faced rough weather in recent times because of their controlling nature and vengeful stance on most things. The relationship with siblings may have undercurrents of jealousy as well.

This is a year of heartbreaks on account of closely held friendships. Be watchful about who you share secrets with at work. 2018 is the year to get married to those looking in this direction.

Jan to March will bring travel opportunities and popularity on account of your superior intellect. April to June is that time of the year when your contributions to work and in your social life will finally be recognized for what it’s truly worth. July to Sept will see you willing to change a bit of the tough person in you and take each and every challenge in your stride. Oct to Dec is a good time for commission agents. Be careful for by now you have accrued more enemies than friends it seems.

Your lucky days this year are Wednesday and Friday

A Sagittarius person is fearless, straightforward, blunt in speech and extremely sensitive to criticism. They do not enjoy inane conversations are are attracted to the most unique person in the room. Bodily movements like hand gestures and shift in the body angle is a common trait when they talk to others.

They have some obsession with property or property related matters, even when it’s not their business/career. Some of you could be indulging in reckless casual affairs and flirtations which could jeopardize your current relationship.

It’s a year when delays and obstacles threaten to take away your peace of mind and sanity. Don’t judge anyone too soon and be watchful of the words that come out of your mouth. Some of you could be moving house.

Jan to March could propel most of you to seek spiritual upliftment and in that pursuit you could be engaged in religious activities more than normal. April to June will bring happiness in personal relationships, what you have been seeking for sometime now. July to September will be an active period where your work growth is concerned. Do not risk your current relationship at any cost. Oct to Dec could see you getting married or aligning with a business partner, both bringing immense gains in its wake.

Your lucky days this week are Wednesday and Friday

Even though a Capricorn is mostly not exactly fit, slim or not slim notwithstanding, they have a highly energetic and brisk demeanour. Leadership and heightened sense of responsibility comes naturally to them and yes they are capable of holding a grudge for the longest time. Men of this zodiac are conservative to say the least. And the women belonging to this zodiac are mental wanderers.

Health could be a concern if you have a predisposition towards diabetes or abdomen related issues. It’s a good year to invest in a property or a swanky vehicle.

Home and home life takes center stage as it’s time to fix things now. Enough hiccups and insecurities at work could play games with your mind. Family and friends will rally around for support.

Jan to March will bring you in touch with important contacts. Network now and you stand to gain in the future. April to June is a good time for any of you involved in literary or creative fields. July to Sep is monetarily a great  period where you could make enough money to keep you financially secure. Oct to Dec is a happy period. Family and celebrations within the family will be the high point this year and you will be deeply intrigued by the mysterious world of the unknown.

Mostly selfless and detached from the regular human “bonds”, an Aquarius is still capable of harsh anger, ruthless words and unpredictable outbursts. Of course no one can question their brilliant mind and out of the box thinking. They do have this ability to put forth their point in the simplest of manner just so that the person in front gets their point in the first go. No dilly dallying here. Just don’t irritate an Aquarius beyond a point. Never ever.

Headaches and tooth problem could manifest in a major way if you don’t learn how to handle your stress. Do not be impulsive with your money all through this year.

Your wit and humour could attract potential partners but most probably you will discard them for they may not match your crazy thinking. Family will get all your attention as and when they seek it.

It’s the year for creative artists and those in the public eye. Do give your time and attention to a social cause that means much to you.

Jan to March could feel their heart breaking on account of more than one reason. April to June is a time when your intuition will be at an all time high and you will be plagued by strange experiences. July to September could see you being loving and helpful in most interactions. October to Dec is a good time where there will be financial gains as well as career success.

Your lucky days this year are Tuesday and Fridays.

Graceful and photogenic, you may miss noticing a Piscean but a Piscean will always notice everyone in their vicinity. Don’t be fooled by their dream like gaze, they are pretty alert to everything going on around them. They mostly make committed friends and are usually quick to apologize if they have made a mistake. Some of you could be obsessed with a perceived health issue but you do have a weak immune system. Your laid back mannerisms may not be in sync with the fast moving world around you.

They are pretty giving and yielding when it comes to people whom you care for. Their dreams are potent and come with a context and content. Do not let casual flirting kill a perfectly smooth relationship.

Elders in the family will seek your attention and you will go all out to assist them. Long distance travel could bring in some life long things to remember. Digestive issues should be handled carefully.

Jan to March will highlight some chronic health concerns. New bonds will develop and stay long term in your life. April to June is good for writers and businessmen. There is recognition and financial rewards. July to September is a good time to travel and also look for alternate sources of income, if you must. October to December is a period where health issues may again come to the fore but this time you will be better equipped mentally to handle this.

Your lucky days this year are Thursday and Sunday