The amount is mostly approximate because I just make it by instinct rather than exact measurements. 🙂


Ingredients :

For approximately 25 Gujiyas

Khoya – 200 gms

Maida – 250 gms

Dry Coconut (Shredded) – 20 gms (approx)

Kishmish – 10- 15

Green Cardamom – 3-4

Chironji – 10-15

Castor Sugar – According to taste

Oil – for frying


Method :

Dough –First mix approximately 2 tbs of refined oil and remove lumps by rubbing the maida in between you fingers. After this use warm water to make dough. (Consistency of the ready dough should be like Puri dough, i.e., slightly hard. Cover with a clean damp cloth and set aside.

Mixture – Grate the Khoya and the fry it on low flame in a Kadai till light golden brown. Leave it to cool. Once cooled, mix castor sugar, Coconut, Kishmish, chironji and cardamoms. Taste to check the sweetness.

For closing the gujiya to make sure they don’t open up while frying, take 1 Tbs of Maida in a bowl and mix with 1 Tbs of water to make a thick paste.

Making the gujiyas – Roll the dough to the size of a puri. Placing it in the palm of your hand, put the maida paste in a semi circle on the corners of the rolled out dough. Join one end of the gujiya and then put in the filling. Close the gujiya by joining the ends together. You now have a semi circular shaped gujiya. To make life easier there are gijiya moulds available in shops.

Make sure you keep these gujiyas covered with damp cloth before frying.

Deep fry the gujiyas on low flame. Serve once cool.


Chana dal Namkeen

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Chana Dal – 250 gms

Salt – To Taste

Chat Masala – To taste

Red Chilli Powder – To Taste

Oil – For Frying


Soak the Chana Dal overnight.

Dry it properly on Kitchen Towel. Make sure none of the dal is damp. Once dry deep fry in Oil on high flame.

Sprinkle with salt, chatmasala and red chilli powder. Mix Well.