Rear view"Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear"…read the side view mirror..

I -like most of the commuters of gurgaon was stuck in the traffic for hours together…I saw no point in cribbing (beggars can't be choosers..was I even left with an option?? )so decided to turn off the engine and sit back enjoying the muzic played by FM..

In the hustle bustle and mad race of life owing to the dearth of time…one forgets to have that much needed "conversation with self"

This was the perfect time of helplessly being stuck on the road to utilise in doing some introspection..n gently asking the image of self appearing in the mirror…hey how are you?

We are often so busy taking care of all the other things,people and duties that you actually forget yourself..suddenly the image appearing in the mirror looks stranger to you…

Along with the downpour…comes the thought process..when you get that precious moment -a moment of realisation are alive still …and you love yourself…you love the undistinguished image of self you see in the smile and take a deep breath..sit back again..n ponder…

The object…nee reflection in the mirror is closer than it appears….. And I couldn't agree more with the words written on the side view mirror..
(clicked a quick pic of those words soaked in rain,,and here we are..🙂