Allow me a short series to help with an attitudinal change from regular ordinary day living around people and families who have children with special needs. The write-up is not to lament or grieve only to sensitize and help with bringing about attitudinal changes

#Goingtoarestaurant .

Just last evening when I had taken my daughter 16-year-old to a cafe in Ambience mall, she was delighted to be there soaking in the music the people the clitter clatter of crockery and the pretty Ambience… Manavi has hand function deficits and is non-verbal…so her body is always talking and expressing by way of her jumping moving flapping her hands and of course some guttural sounds… Which are happy joyful sounds kind of reassuring mama thank you for bringing me out to this nice place …..

So obviously we are a mess to look at with some bits and crumbs falling off just when mama is stopping to have her bit or sip of drink…I will dive in and try to feed myself. …”

Seeing us when you ask the Server to change your seating that’s the first act of #Segregation and reinforcing the #invisible_barriers

Not only you have succeeded in breaking our confidence when we step out but made us feel unwanted …not good enough to sit with you?

Request for Sensitivity;
May I request families and individuals when you see a special needs person dining alongside you please don’t get up and ask for a change of seat. This would be the first embracing of #Inclusion and #accepting #Neurodiversity.

Thank you for your understanding
Ruchika Sethi