Most women around the world wonder the real need to wear a bra.Therefore at the onset, we must set out  to determine  the purpose of a bra and to establish the purpose we first need to understand the anatomy of breasts

Breasts contain mainly fat, glands, connective tissue and fluids. These contents are supported against gravity by tissues and the skin that covers them. Therefore obviously when one is sitting or standing, there is much strain on these elements. As you walk or exercise, the tissues inside the breast may experience tiny injuries, causing pain and discomfort. The weight of a large bust may be too much for the chest to support comfortably.

The whole point of wearing a bra is, therefore, to apportion some or all of the weight of your bust onto the shoulders and waist area and hence reduce the strain or any possible damage. A bra is not a medical necessity. A bra cannot under whatever circumstances, stop sagging or floppiness but it can definitely control it.

When a bra is properly fitted, about 80% of this weight is carried by the band, and the remainder by the shoulders. When a bra fits poorly, most of the weight is on the shoulders. This might cause headaches or pain in the shoulders and neck.

The most common mistake we make is that we think Bra’s purpose is just to cover the breast and hence we ignore the remainder.

How to get the right size?

To determine right size we first need to carefully observe

Q1. Does your band hold the breasts even when you raise or move your arms?

If it does then obviously the bra is not holding your breast but your breast is holding the bra. You definitely need a size change

Question2. Is the bra cup covering your entire cup?

Do note the breast starts from under your arms so do check if the cup containing the fullness there? If not most likely you are wearing the wrong cup.Under no circumstances should a bra cup cut halfway into your breasts.A proper bra will not shift rise or cut you breasts it will hold you well therefore

A bra that provides 90% of the support from the band and from underneath the breast without cutting off circulation to the lymph nodes would be a bra that was fulfilling its purpose.

What type of bra you wear, how long you wear it, and when you go without it depends on your own specific needs. Listening to your body is the key to feeling comfortable. If you don’t feel like wearing one, you don’t need to; but if you feel like you need to wear it, it will probably ease some pain or distress. Whether you wear one or not is solely up to you

Most common questions

Underwire or not?

Again it is subjective does an underwire give you comfort and reduces your weight and uplifts then most definitely go for it.

But once again right size is the key an underwire, in fact, highlights the wrong size much louder and clearer.

When do we start wearing a bra?

As soon as the chest feels the weight it is time to give it support

How do I know I need to check my size?

Refer to the two points above. Any spillage or band shift is a sign enough and of course, pain or heaviness are alarms.

Do I need to wear a different bra while exercising?

Absolutely intensity of workout determines the necessity.

Do I need to wear a bra in the night or not?

Once again it is subjective. However, if you feel the need there are many night bras recommended for comfort

What Is the Purpose of a Bra?

Women and girls wear bras for a variety of reasons. Below are some things bras do.

  • Hide nipples
  • Delay (but not prevent) sagging
  • Prevent bouncing of breasts, and thus avoid pain and discomfort
  • Make clothes look better
  • Control sweating under the bust
  • Last but not the least make you feel confident inside out

As I say it nothing can replace the smile a woman has when she gets into her right size