Who doesn’t like attention? Who wouldn’t want a lot of friends without even going out? That’s what Social Media is giving us these days. It was one of the most amazing inventions of the 21st century but took another turn with overuse and misuse of online media. From falling prey to low productivity and compromising family and personal time, it’s almost taking over people’s lives. Interestingly, we all acknowledge. Unfortunately, hardly any help available. Here is an effort to show you some simple signs and reminders of social media addiction along with some simple steps to de-addict yourself. Hope you can get earn more time for the right things with this post.

Signs When Social Media is Dominating Your Routine The Wrong Way

  1. You’re taking pictures of your meetups and hangouts primarily for Facebook and Instagram
  2. You check your favorite social network within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning
  3. You’re checking your social account once in half an hour
  4. You change your profile picture too often
  5. You don’t post solo pictures without using photo editing tools
  6. Your comment: like ratio is 1:20 on people’s posts.
  7. You experience anxiety or “something missing” if you don’t check your social account for over 24 hours
  8. You’re on social media at least once during your family time or ‘me’ time.
  9. You feel anxiety and restlessness when your mobile data is exhausted or not working for long
  10. You don’t know 90% of your contacts on your friend list.


How to De-Addict Yourself from Social Media Overusage

  • Limit the amount of time you spend & challenge yourself to stick to it. Start with fixing two-time slots in a day when you will be on social media, say 15 minutes at 10 am and 15minutes at 6 pm. Set your own timing.
  • List down all productive things you can do in a day and keep it handy. Every time it itches you to go to social media, pick one of those things instead.
  • Turn off all your notifications. No ping, no anxiety. You should be using a phone when you want and need it. It shouldn’t be calling you whenever your huge network wants.
  • Make checking social media a treat or a reward. List some productive things to do in a day and use social media for 15 minutes when you finish them. Be honest to choosing your list.
  • Know your family member more and spend more time with them. Think of what all you can do to build better relationships. Think. Do not research online too much. You know your dear ones better.

Image Credit:Rendezvous with Rashmi

  • Test yourself for not checking your phone AT ALL when you’re with someone. The meetup will be more meaningful.
  • Keep your data off often
  • Build a habit of keeping the phone away from you more often and set it on the ringer.
  • Push yourself to do only one thing at a time and minimize the use of the Internet. This will limit your urge to check phone in between other things
  • Meet people in real time.
  • Set aside an hour or half just for yourself even if it is sitting idle or writing your journal or day. Leave the phone in another room or place on silent mode (at a prominent place so you don’t have to start a search operation on your phone later)
  • If you were able to address your social media addiction significantly, tell me about it after a week. There is a beautiful surprise for you from me. I trust you