“Want to share an awesome news with you. My son has topped the University and has got admission into Stanford with a full scholarship.”

“Wow! That is awesome”, they had all chorused together. Only one of them remarked,”Oh! How nice. My daughter had also topped the University last year.”


“My dad is in the hospital and he is critical. His lungs are not working fully. I am so lost and alone.”

“Be strong. Look at me. My mother had been in the hospital for five months and she could not survive. But here I am. You will also get there. It is God’s will.”


“Look at her. All grown up and wearing a saree. Isn’t she beautiful? She is going for her farewell.”

“Hummppp! Look at her blouse. We never wore such blouses. How indecent?”


“Can you click a picture? Isn’t she looking pretty? The colour is suiting her so much.”

“What have you made her wear? It is such an important function! She is looking outrageous. You and your money saving tactics. Who gets a lehnga made from a saree in this time and age?”


“We are opening our school in front of the large playground. The children will be happy.”

“How could you do that? You could have asked? You know very well that I can’t stand that lady. She treated me so badly twenty years ago.”


It is not about you. It is about the other. Listen. Appreciate. Empathise. Love. Compliment.


Don’t speak at all.

Feature Image Source: Firefly Community