It’s been a few months that I have wanted to get a basic phone for my 10-year-old daughter. The only reason being that as a parent I am concerned about her safety especially when she is out of my sight, as we all are aware about the current scenario in reference to safety and security of kids.

Though initially I was not in favour of giving my daughter a phone of her own at such a young age, however I was compelled to change my decision as I used to worry whenever she was out of the house to play and at times was not possible to accompany her. Or she was at an activity class or school trip.

I was looking for a simple phone for her with no ‘jazz’ attached, as I believe she is too young for a smartphone. Searched for a few bar phones and then came across Easyfone Star by Seniorworld as they had approached GurgaonMoms to review the phone .I was aware of the company as they had launched some phones earlier for the senior citizens and was pretty impressed as the phones were designed keeping in mind the requirement and needs of the seniors.

Easyfone Star for my child impressed me as well. Let me tell you why ?

  • Firstly, the phone only allows the child to call and receive calls only from pre-configured numbers. I believe it is a great feature as I am in control of the numbers my daughter can call or receive so that she is not troubled by random calls that is must for her safety.
  • Easyfone Star does not have a number dial pad instead it has 4 buttons that can be personalized and customized according to the numbers we want to store .
  • The phone can be easily configured only through the CareTouch website of Easyfone . This again works for me as it is completely secured in an in my control to add what I want to add and remove in my kid’s phone.
  • The phone also works as a GPS tracker and it is possible for me to also track the whereabouts of my kid. This again can be done from their CareTouch website
  • Easyfone Star also has a SOS /Help button at the back of the phone which when clicked sends out SMS with the location details to their care centre and also to the pre-configured emergency numbers .Plus gives out a loud siren that can easily alert the people around .
  • It is not possible to browse the internet on the phone , which again is a good feature as children at this age should be allowed to do the same under parental supervision only.
  • The Do Not Disturb feature in the phone enables me to also control the time zones when she can be called .
  • Another amazing feature of the phone is that it allows you to discreetly listen to what is going on in your child’s surroundings. I believe it is a great help especially for for parents who leave their kids with a nanny at home.
  • The phone’s charger is similar to a cordless phone charger which again removes the danger of the child using the phone while it is getting charged .

Each one of us is concerned is about the safety of children, and I believe that Easyfone Star is surely a blessing. I can’t expect my daughter to stay at home all the time. She is in safe hands at school, but home and school are not the only place she goes to. So now she carries her phone whenever she out to play or to some activity class. The phone is priced at Rs3490 and it is fulfills my requirement of keeping a check on my daughter and being vigilant even when I am not around her . I would surely recommend Easyfone Star to all those who want a basic phone for their children .


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